Three 6 Mafia Has the Recipe For Success!

Southern style is coming to LA – in more ways than one!  Three 6 Mafia is back.  The pioneers of southern rap jams, DJ Paul and Juicy J are working on a new album that they believe is their best yet!  

The guys told Celebuzz that they have recorded over 100 songs and now just have to pick the best ones for their record.  So what can we expect to hear from our favorite duo?

“The style of the album is pretty much original Three 6 Mafia stuff with a touch of the new,” says Juicy J.  

The rappers have been working day on night on the album, but they were able to find some time to bring their Tennessee roots to LA and plant them squarely in the food business for their new VH1 show.

 The new reality show Famous Food gives seven celebrities the chance to see if they have what it takes to work together to open up a restaurant in Hollywood.  The celebs will be working alongside restaurateurs, Mike “Boogie” Malin of Big Brother fame and Lonnie Moore of The Dolce Group, which touts Ashton Kutcher as an investor.  So what do you get when you put a Hip-Hop group, Heidi Montag, Danielle Staub, Jake Pavelka, Ashley Dupré, and Vincent Pastore together – a recipe for drama! Celebuzz sat down with the rappers to get their take.

“We have always wanted to have something to do with food and restaurants.  To come from a city like Memphis, Tennessee, where Memphis is all about barbecues and soul food, it was a great experience to open a restaurant,” says Juicy J.  

Maybe the guys should have got involved with the food industry earlier because DJ Paul says the DJ Paul Memphis Mac and Cheese, their contribution to the menu on Famous Food, is one of the best selling items!

“We didn’t want to scare people off with a big soul food place because I didn’t know how Hollywood would take it, so we just took one soul food flavor and put it together in one bowl, you will have to watch the show to see how we did it,” says DJ Paul.

Our mouths are watering already – yum!  So what else can we expect from Famous Food?  The guys assured us it is definitely not a cooking show.  Check out the trailer below to see what they mean! 

“It’s a competition so there is a lot of arguments and fights going on and if you look at the show its going to seem like we hate each other but we don’t, everyone is still friends,” says DJ Paul.

Guess you can’t believe everything you see on TV – who would have known?  So which castmates did the guys like best?

“I really liked Heidi, Heidi was really cool.  She always stayed out of everyone’s business for the most part and she wouldn’t try to start fights or anything like that, she is a really cool person,” says DJ Paul.  

Juicy J says Heidi is quite different than she is portrayed in the media, and even added how sexy the reality star was.  But as far as his liking goes, another girl on the show caught his eye!

“Ashley is my favorite, she’s a hot chick,” says Juicy J.  

The guys said they got along with everyone and that the whole opportunity was such a good experience.  So what happens next?

“Get ready – get your beer, popcorn and pizza ready and get ready to laugh your ass off,” says Juicy J.  

Check out Famous Food on VH1 Sundays at 10/9c.