‘Bridesmaids’ Star Melissa McCarthy Poses for GQ

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Fans know the lovely Melissa McCarthy from her wildly entertaining roles in BridesmaidsMike & MollyGilmore Girls, Life as We Know It and many other priceless comedies. It doesn’t matter which character the talented actress is playing, she knows how to keep her audience – and even her own co-stars – laughing! 

It should come as no surprise that she dominated her role as the blunt and over-the-top Megan in Bridesmaids, but Melissa says she had Megan all figured out from the very start. 

GQ Magazine caught up with the actress (and her cast mates) to find out how her hilarious role came together.

Melissa McCarthy says of her quirky character Megan:

“I read the script and had such a weird, fast reaction to Megan. I knew exactly what I wanted her to look like, to sound like, and I got an intense feeling of “I like her so much! This will never work out!” For the audition, I wore no makeup and a bad pant. Once I look like the character, it really locks me in, even if people sometimes say, “We need you not to be repulsive.”

Melissa’s costar Rose Byrne, who plays Helen said of her fellow actress: 

“Melissa said she wanted Megan to look like Guy Fieri from the Food Network.”

Meanwhile, Bridesmaids director Paul Feig gushed over the performance:

“We would always do an improv section during the auditions, and quickly we realized, ‘Holy shit, this woman is on fire.’ The mistake a lot of people make in casting is they get so tied to the words and the character they wrote that they don’t see when somebody is better than what they have on the page. Melissa came in with this character that was just a force of nature. At first I was like, ‘Is she playing it as a lesbian?’ Then it got into all this weird sex stuff.”

Melissa added of her character: 

“I love those no-bullshit women with close-cropped hair that you’ll see together and think, ‘Is that her partner?’ Then they talk about their husbands and six kids. I just love anybody who’s that comfortable in her own skin. But the whole ride home from the audition, I was thinking, ‘I got too weird. Should I turn the car around and do that cheesy actor thing of ‘I can do it better! Give me another shot!’ “

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