Celebuzz Reader Reactions: Real Life Friends with Benefits? (POLL)

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are bringing some heat to the big screen in Friends with Benefits! The on-screen lovers posed for pics at the premiere in New York City, looking pretty chummy. 

Celebuzz wants to know if the situation works out in real life. Can two people have a physical relationship based strictly on a friendship, or are there too many emotions involved to make it work? We asked readers to share their thoughts on the matter, and they came back with the gambit of reactions based on their personal experiences — from the high notes to the downside of hooking up with a buddy. 

You can add your own to he comments below — and be sure to take our poll!

emorgan223: Absolutely and he still remains a good friend, despite the fact that we stop hooking up years ago. The friendship we built back then, although at times complicated, made us closer than we could have ever been without the benefits part.

gleeksrock: Yes I had “friends with benefits” before. At first it was great and then it turned out to be terrible he wanted a real relationship and I just didn’t want anything serious at the time. “Friends with benefits” never works out, someone always wants more and you lose a friend in the process.

nicolious: No I’ve never had “friends with benefits” before. I had the chance with my best friend. He wanted to mess around casually, but the problem was that I was in love with him. When I told him no, he got upset with me and our friendship isn’t what it used to be. I just didn’t want to get my heart broken.

juliannex18: I have never had a friend with benefits and I don’t think I ever want to, to be honest! I think I’d get way too emotionally attached!

cjharlem: Never had a friend w/ benefits. Personally, I feel if you become dependent on the benefits, (which usually focuses on the sexual aspects of a relationship) you will eventually lose sight of the important things in a relationship, which strive on genuine connections between two people.

Meanwhile, Justin and Mila spoofed each other during a recent interview for movie phone. Keep in mind that a sense of humor ranks very high on the ideal partner list of qualities!