‘Degrassi’ Stars Annie Clark & Munro Chambers Talk Season 11 Drama

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Degrassi and drama go hand in hand and with the new season of the hit show premiering tonight, you can be sure that there’ll be tons of thrills and chills to leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

Celebuzz recently caught up with stars Annie Clark and Munro Chambers, who play the school’s resident wild child Fiona and bad boy Eli respectively, to talk about what’s to come this upcoming season — including an unexpected murder in the first episode!

First and foremost, congratulations to Degrassi for the Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children’s Program! It’s the first nomination for Degrassi after 11 seasons. Walk us through your thoughts when you first heard the big news.

Annie Clark: It was my day to sleep in but as soon as I saw that email I was like, “I need to tell everyone!” It was pretty exciting!

Munro Chambers: I was sleeping and I got an email saying, “Guys, we’re nominated for an Emmy!” and I was like, “Okay?” I kind of just read it and went back to bed because I was like, “No, I have to be dreaming.” But then I woke up and read it again and everyone on Twitter was saying we are nominated. It’s pretty cool. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

The cast dynamic on Degrassi must be very different compared to other shows. There are 25 actors featured in the opening credits! What’s it like working with such a big cast?

AC: It’s awesome! It’s basically my first show so I don’t really have experience with anything else but from what I hear from everyone else—everyone says this is the best set to work on and it’s actually pretty crazy that a group of 20, 25 teenagers are able to get along so well. Sometimes people don’t believe me when I tell them that we actually get along so well. Everyone is so close and we usually don’t even go a weekend without hanging out with each other. I miss them when I’m not with them. [Laughs] They’re some of my best friends.

MC: It’s a gigantic cast. You’ll get lost. [Laughs] There’s so many people that everyone are all friends—we all hang out outside of work and I think that’s what makes the dynamic and chemistry between the characters work so well is because we’re all friends. The jobs I’ve done before were mainly with adults. The show I did before this, I got two best friends out of it so it’s kind of the same dynamic as my last show, The Latest Buzz. There were five main characters and now there are 20! So, it’s kind of like going back to high school again. It’s a round two! 

Were you a fan before starring in the show?

MC: I’ve watched a couple of episodes but I was never a diehard fan like Annie Clark. I knew what it was and how iconic it was—how it was a big deal in Canada. For that, you love it. It’s like hockey!

Degrassi is known for tackling issues—everything from drugs to a hoarding addiction. What can viewers look forward to this season?

MC: We’re just jumping it again—we’re tackling issues that people go through everyday. But I can say that in the first episode there’s going to be an unexpected murder that will really set the tone for the season! There’s going to be relationships made and relationships ending. You’re going to see a couple of characters leave. There’s going to be a triangle that will really make it awkward for some of the characters.  You’ll want to watch it!

Check out the season 11 trailer below!

Fiona storylines are always filled with drama. What else can we expect from her this season?

AC: This season, drama still ensues but Fiona is a little tamer than we last saw her in the past. She’s kind of going into the new school year a little bit more sophisticated and a little bit more clear-headed. She’s done with the drinking for now. You never know what’s going to happen though! She has a new love interest. Things don’t seem like they ever work out for her so this is actually someone who is pretty good for her. So we’ll see where that goes!

We learned that Fiona is actually a lesbian last season. Will this new love interest take her in that direction?

AC: Yes, yes! She is! It’ll be her first real lesbian relationship because before, it was kind of the unrequited love with Holly J, which wasn’t really happening, and then Adam which was kind of a different relationship too. It’s her first normal relationship with someone who wants the same thing that she does.

Degrassi fans are also introduced to a couple of new characters in the trailer—one of them being Jake, Clare’s childhood friend. Since Eli and Clare broke up in the finale, how would Jake’s arrival affect their relationship?

MC: That may only be the acute love triangle that I was talking about. Jake’s going to get into stuff for better or worse. Eli and Clare are going to be working together, maybe not in a romance setting, but they will be in each other’s lives whether they like it or not and Jake gets in the middle of it.  Jake’s a strapping young lad. He’s played by Justin Kelly—who’s actually my best friend outside of the show. We worked together on the show called The Latest Buzz. He’s a fantastic actor. He’s going to do great this season but his character gets in the middle of stuff. Also, it’s a triangle but it becomes a quartet too—like a square.

In the preview, we also see Imogen having eyes for Eli as well.

MC: Yeah! Imogen’s character has been with Degrassi forever. She’s not just entering like Eli did. Her character’s really interesting. She’s this weird character but makes a great dynamic for the show.

So it seems Eli’s starting to attract some attention from the ladies. All the girls are dying to know: are you doing the same in real life?

MC: [Laughs] I am currently where I am. I’m dating Justin Kelly! We’re engaged and we’re going to the Bahamas for the honeymoon! It’ll be great. [Laughs] I’m currently in love with my work. I’m dating her.

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