Demi Lovato Steps Out Wearing Anti-Drug Shirt (PHOTOS)

Demi Lovato Hearts Japan
Demi Lovato shows her support for Japan.
Hoping to unwind from a busy week, Demi Lovato and her close friends went to see a movie at The Grove. The singer stepped out wearing sunglasses and a fedora paired with a black vest, shirt and shorts. Of course, her shirt seemed to make a statement of its own, reading: “The Only Coke I Do Is Diet.” The shirt is from her friend (and Buzznet super user) Hanna Beth’s Sober is Sexy line.

But she didn’t seem too excited to see the paparazzi waiting for her outside the Los Angeles movie theater, venting on Twitter:

“To this day paps stress me out. They just pop out of no where… Walk into a movie, no one’s there. Walk out, BOOM! Still getting used to this bizarre life. #justwannamakemusic #canigetaAMEN?!”

Last week, Demi released her empowering new tune “Skyscraper,” and it reached number one on iTunes the day of its release.

The song hints at Demi’s personal problems from the past year, making allusions to self-harm, breakups and her emotional comeback after her highly-publicized rehab stay in 2010.

Demi entered an in-patient treatment center back in November after she punched a back-up dancer while on the Camp Rock 2 tour in South America. Demi later admitted that she suffered from an eating disorder, issues with self-harm and bipolar disorder.

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