Growing Up 'Potter' - Who's the Hottest?


We've watched Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, and Matthew Lewis grow up in front of us for 10 years, but after their most recent press blitz it's clear these are young boys no more.

They clean up nice! So which Harry Potter hunk is your type?

Can you forget that Tom is Draco Malfoy? Or do you always go for the hero? Do you have ginger fever? Or is Neville, the unlikely heartthrob more your speed?

It's time to vote! Which guy do you think is the hottest?



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  • Ella

    Hell yeah it's Tom Felton <3

  • geo

    i meant the way

  • geo

    Tom Felton all they way:)

  • Maria

    Alfred Enoch is the son of William Russell (Doctor Who). He gets his good looks from his father.

  • kiiix

    Rupert Grint, of course.

  • Louca Ruhe
    Louca Ruhe

    tom felton of course, so everybody vote tom

  • char Liz
    char Liz

    daniel radcliffe of course. obviously.

  • moniqueSophie

    Character Dean Thomas. Actors name is Alfred Enoch.. google him, he is so handsome!

  • MoniqueSophie

    Character Dean Thomas.. actor, Alfred Enoch, is by far the hottest Harry Potter actor, Very Handsome!

  • @zenykuiin

    Rupert Grint is the most hottest ginger in all the wolrd...I love him <3<3<3

  • Cutie91

    Tom Felton is the Hottest....<3 him