Lady Gaga Busts Out Multiple Skin-Baring Outfits in NYC (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga is back on her home turf, and she's already stepping up her game in the fashion department. The "Edge of Glory" singer -- who has never been shy about her fashion choices -- made more than five wardrobe changes in just one day! While on her press tour, she didn't disappoint bring out several black looks made of leather, lace and fur!

With stops at The Howard Stern Show, The Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM and Z100 radio station (just to name a few), she wore a number of ensembles including a black bra and skirt with platform heels, a lace face mask, see-through plastic skirt, and even a furry black vest! We're pretty sure she was scorching hot in the New York sun as she traveled from gig to gig. Click through the gallery to see all of her looks and let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that she wears the outrageous outfits.... SOMETIMES! But when you do it 24/7 its a little hard for people to differentiate between a statement & insanity/attention craving.

  • Jennifer Overington
    Jennifer Overington

    Hey Menisha, I adore Lady GaGa, too. Some of her work shocked me the first time I saw her videos, and then I recognized this is her artistic statement and style. I am really impressed with how much she taught herself and how much she says so well. Her clothes are part of her statement, of course.

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    I LOVE Lady GaGas music, her philanthropy, & her sincere LOVE for her fans but I am tired of defending her credibility because of her ridiculous outfits. There is a fine line between unique/different & ridiculous/attention-craving.

  • Iris

    She looks cute when she smiles : )