Meet & Greet: Matthew J. Evans, The Guy Who Got Cameron Diaz’s Bra!

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We all know the teenage years can be tough, but young actor Matthew J. Evans has a “one up” on his friends that will help him out for a lifetime.  

“When my friends first heard I got the whole Cameron Diaz’s bra there was high fiving, there was, ‘hey, great job man!’, everybody was pretty proud of me that I got to do that,” says Matthew. “It’s an argument ender, if there’s a disagreement I can just be like ‘oh yeah, well I held Cameron Diaz’s bra so there,'” laughs Evans.  

Of course, the Bad Teacher actor is talking about a scene from the movie when Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz’s character) helps out Garrett Tiara (Matthew’s character) by giving him her bra to make him more popular. So he didn’t actually get Cameron’s bra in real life – but it still is totally cool!  

So who is this 14-year-old who got to work with not only Cameron, but also alongside huge names in the industry such as Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel? Celebuzz sat down with the rising star to talk about the hit film, fellow cast mates and his goals growing up!  

You started acting at a very young age, how did you get involved with this profession? 

I started out doing theater. My mom runs a theater where I live so I was doing that since I was 4. Then, when I was 9 a women came up and did a workshop on LA acting and I got really interested in that other aspect of acting so my mom and I went down to LA and I did some workshops and that’s where I met my first agent and my mom and I have been driving back and forth to LA ever since.

It’s not just acting you do, but you are also already an award-winning filmmaker.  What interested you about filmmaking?

I think I got started in filmmaking because of my acting. I would always be asking crew members ‘what are you doing?,’ ‘why are you putting that light there?’ I guess I just got really interested in a lot of the behind the camera stuff and so I figured why not make a film, why not explore those interests. I wanted to tell stories that would inspire people also, all of my films have some kind of motivational message or positive message.

How do you decide what stories you want to tell, where does your inspiration come from for the films you make? 

I become inspired for the topics of my films by the people I meet. All of the films I have made have been about people that I know, like one of my films, A War Story, a Love Story, is about my grandparents and there time during the Korean War. I never really knew that much about the Korean War. It’s called the forgotten war by a lot of people. Papa Lou never really talked about it and I started asking questions and stuff and he really started to open up about his experiences there. They were really hard times for him. He lived in fox holes and was on an outpost and he came very close to death on multiple occasions. It was a really interesting experience to hear that and he had never really talked about those experiences ever so it was really great to have that opportunity.

You recently starred in Bad Teacher, alongside some big stars in Hollywood – what was your reaction when you got the role?

I was, to say the least, very shocked. When I first got the call I think I did quite a bit of jumping, yelling and shouting. I was really excited and I felt honored to be included in such an awesome film.

Your character is the awkward and nerdy student of the class who is helplessly in love with the most popular girl in school.  What similarities do you have with your character, if any? 

There are more similarities that I have with my character than I would like to think. I felt pretty relaxed in my character. Pretty much all of the girls I have had crushes on I felt like it was a similar situation. I always get myself into an awkward situation with the person who I am interested in. I am getting better I guess, as I get older I get more relaxed.

The movie is all about the bad teacher your class has – have you ever had a bad teacher like Ms. Halsey? 

I haven’t actually. I have been very fortunate. All of the teachers that I have had were great, but from the stories I have heard from my friends, I don’t think any teacher is as crazy as Cameron’s character.

Speaking of Cameron, we have to ask…what was like working with this blonde bombshell? 

 It was amazing. I think she is like the coolest person ever. She really went out of her way to make sure I wasn’t nervous and that I was relaxed and she was always telling jokes or saying I was doing a great job or giving everybody hugs. Her and Jake Castin, the director, really knew how to get the best out of everybody and the cast. The whole thing was like a big team effort.

And Justin?

 He’s really cool. At one point all of the kids were playing basketball with him, which was really fun, he is really cool and really great to work with too.

A lot of people questioned whether or not Cameron and Justin should work together since the two previously dated, how was it like on set with the both of them? 

They were professional, they acted like they were old friends.  They were singing songs and dancing and it was just like they were old friends there wasn’t any awkward moments, at least that I could see.

Bad Teacher was a huge hit, how has your life changed since the movie?

I was actually recognized a couple of times. I was at film camp last week at the Digital Media Academy, it’s hosted at UCLA. [Two times] people, I guess they were students there or something, recognized me so that was really cool. It’s just exciting. My friends are really happy for me, it’s been a lot of fun.

So you have done TV, filmmaking, and now a movie – which one is your favorite and why?

I love filmmaking because I am able to tell a story that will hopefully change people’s lives, like something that would really uplift somebody. I love acting because I get to embody a character and with Bad Teacher, hopefully make people smile, make people laugh. I love all three, so if everything works out I would like to have a career, something like Robert Redford or Clint Eastwood, be able to act and direct, be able to do both.

You have already accomplished so much, but what is your ultimate goal in life?

I would love to go to USC Film School because I really love the school and think their film program is amazing. I guess my goal would be to become a really well-respected, well-recognized, actor/director/producer.

Do you have any advice for people aspiring to make it in the industry?

Keep trying, have a solid base, keep taking classes and always keep learning. Never stop learning and never give up.

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