Rebecca Black Debuts 'My Moment' (VIDEO)

'Friday' (VIDEO)
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She's baaaack! This Monday could be Rebecca Black 's next "Friday" -- the much maligned singer returns with a new single called "My Moment" after becoming a viral video sensation. 

The song — and accompanying video — dive into the young internet star’s personal life and rise to viral stardom. The video is said to include footage from her last day in junior high school, red carpet appearances and clips from her hosting the MTV Online Music Awards.

The video for “Friday” gained over more than 167 million views on YouTube, do you think her new single can deliver big numbers? Tell us in the comments!

Although “Friday” was slammed as being “the worst video of all time,” Rebecca has moved forward seemingly unfazed by the criticisms, continuing to capitalize on her new found fame and even appearing in a Katy Perry video.

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  • Flapjacker

    I can't believe I'm about to say this...but Friday is better.

  • danyy

    I don't think it's her singing, cause on the 'acoustic version' of friday her voice sounds completely different from here.

  • Belieber

    I like her! I can't see why you hate her so much...she's just trying to live her dream!

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    belllatrix killed the wrong black

  • sophie1986

    My ears are supposed to be committing suicide, but they're snoring instead. What happened to the Rebecca Black who educated us on the days of the week?

  • staystrong

    is she related to selena gomez ?

  • Jennifer

    This just proves that with enough money things can happen for you. must be nice.

  • Nati

    I can't like any song of her, since all i see and hear when i look at her is Friday.

  • Tallulah Ingram
    Tallulah Ingram

    Just got Mind-blown.

  • jordan


  • Rocñio

    I can't see the video ):

  • Noah

    My inner ear just got molested.