Who's More Rock? Lady Gaga or Porcelain Black

Lady Gaga's 'Judas'
Lady Gaga Judas
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New music sensation Porcelain Black was spotted today leaving the Late Show with David Letterman in New York City. The singers latest single "This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like" -- and the fact the she and Lady Gaga both seemed to be sporting similar styles on the same day -- leads us to ask the question, who really is more rock 'n' roll?

No doubt they've both got the look and vocals to pull it off, but deep down, who's soul is painted in the color of rock? Vote and tell who you think hits it harder.



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  • Charlot

    first of all, porcelain black rocks the hair and first had the "two-toned" hair. to the title of this article, porcelain black for the win. :-)

  • Jinx0cookie

    Porcelain is the next thing. I have been fallowing her for a few years now, I mean if your a girl and you hear how powerful she is as a women, you start to feel more independent and just epic about yourself. But thats only if you can respect yourself as a women and not gonna be pushed around. O and Lady Gaga is not rock, she is pop/hip-hop.

  • inchains

    Porcelain has amazing talent, if you go far back and look at her other project Porcelain and the Tramps. Lady Gaga is talented in her own style. Right now Alaina deserves her fame

  • porcelainstramp

    First Porcelain Black is an amazing artist that has been known since around 2005 (started her solo project as porcelain and the tramps) Second Thanks for ur opinion but she doesnt need ur advice im sure she has a million other nylons, her style is her own she rocks what she likes :) Third Lady gaga is NOT rock & thank god she never claimed to be! (as far as i know) AND Porcelain is a goddess...she is beyond pretty♥ im NOT a hater i just love my girl! so take no personal offense!

  • danielleakame

    first off...who is porcelain black? second...she needs the nylons without the control top shorts. and third...since when i lady gaga rock? i do agree that porcelain is pretty

  • porcelainstramp

    Porcelain Black is BEAUTIFUL like always and she doesn't even need to try♥