Brittny Gastineau: Weekend Getaway to Vegas! (PHOTOS)

Brittny Gets Glam
Brittny Gastineau in a fierce photo shoot.
I went to Vegas with my mom on the Friday before Fourth of July weekend to celebrate at Sugar Factory with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick! We ate dinner and had a lot of laughs!

Then on Saturday night some of our best friends flew in for our friend Marla’s birthday. Marla got us all tickets to the New Kids on the Block concert with the Backstreet Boys. After the concert we met up with Marla’s friend Howie and his wife at the club. Page Six reported that I was asked to leave the club by Nick Carter’s girlfriend. I can 100 percent promise that I never got asked to leave because I dated Nick Carter. One, we have never dated. And two, I don’t get thrown out of parties, LOL.

All the girls partied away for Marla’s birthday, where we boarded a jet at 3am to Montana to spend the Fourth of July weekend. Here are some fun pictures of our lunches and dinner at the house in Montana..(the food and drinks were amazing! Crystal Light came out with a sugar free Mojito which is DELISH! ) Great friends and fun times :)