Dakota & Elle Fanning Talk About Growing Up in the Spotlight

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Elle & Dakota at LAX
Elle and Dakota Fanning fly in style.
Dakota and little sis Elle Fanning look very grown up in Vogue’s age issue (out now). It’s easy to forget these two young pros are just that — young! Dakota, 17, and Elle, 13, show their maturity beyond their years as they’re dressed  in retro clothes, leather gloves and shiny shoes.

The girls talk to the famous fashion mag about growing up in the business of show.

“I’ve been working since I was six, Elle since two,” Dakota points out, conveying that this is the life they have always known. “What you grow up with is what you become used to.”

The magazine asks: Does the weirdness of being a teenager always in the spotlight, the abnormality of it, ever get on her nerves?

“When you choose to do this with your life, you’re in the public and people watch you,” Dakota replies. “But I’d rather do this than not.”

The siblings are super busy taking over Hollywood — Elle has at several projects in the works — Vivaldi, Frankenweenie, Anne Chambers, We Bought a Zoo and Twixt – while Dakota can be seen in the final Twilight movie and is working on Very Good Girls, Mississippi Wild, and Now Is Good.

While we love their films — take some time to be teens, ladies!