Exclusive: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell & Tyler Blackburn Dish on Season Two!

Delete Digital Drama
Emily Osment talks about cyberbullying
Shay Mitchell may let “A” bully her character in ABC Family’s hit show Pretty Little Liars, but in real life Shay is campaigning to put a stop to digital drama. 

“This is such a huge thing right now. Social media is such a huge part of all of our lives and I think it’s really important for teens and everybody who has a computer and goes on the internet to know what to do if you are getting bullied … know not to participate in it and hit delete,” says Mitchell.

The Canadian actress isn’t the only cast mate from Rosewood to stand up for what she believes in. The show’s bad boy, hottie Tyler Blackburn, also stopped by ABC Family and Seventeen Magazine’s rally to delete digital drama to voice his opinion on the issue.  

“Bullying effects so many people in different ways and I think that it has kind of been accepted,” says Blackburn. “I think it’s good to raise awareness … and  finally say it does not make you cool, you’re not cool by doing it, just don’t do it; and this is how it effects people.”

The two actors were at the rally to bring awareness about online bullying, but Celebuzz was also able to get some inside scoop about the current season of Pretty Little Liars. So what did we learn? 

The big news is that someone will be returning to Rosewood and is sure to stir up some drama – we are excited already!

“Maya is coming back. As far as how long she will be there is yet to be determined, but she does pay a little visit,” says Shay. “She comes to spice things up with Emily and all of her other girlfriends.”

Speaking of girlfriends, even though the pretty little liar isn’t a lesbian herself, she plays one on the show.  Emily told Celebuzz she wasn’t nervous to take on the role at all — despite her character’s sexuality.  

“We all know what it’s like to love somebody, you know what it’s like to feel something for somebody, and I think the bottom line is that it’s that person — it’s not so much their sex, it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, my character felt a connection with these girls and that’s what I’m going to play,” she says.  

Once on the topic of relationships, Tyler dished a little about what is going on with his character and Hanna (played by Ashley Benson). The stud was smitten and says, “Last episode there was a kiss, if it is going to lead to something more … it just might, I know for sure but you don’t,” jokes Tyler.

Tyler did reveal his personal dating preferences.  Unfortunately for Haleb fans it’s not Hanna who Tyler would date in real life, but rather another little liar from the clan.

“I would date someone like Aria. She is pretty worldly, she’s wise, but she also has a sense of humor and I like that. I like someone you can have a really intelligent conversation with and someone you can be totally silly with too. I like someone who is comfortable in their own skin,” says Blackburn.  

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like anyone in Rosewood has time to make relationships work right now.  The four girls are completely consumed with trying to solve who the mysterious “A” is that has turned their lives upside down.  Shay says she is right along with the millions of fans speculating who the culprit is each week.  

“Honestly I started thinking about who “A” was when we first started shooting and I think I went through everybody in the cast and I honestly don’t know, I don’t know,” says Mitchell. “Even I tried to come up with my own theories and I’m still like oh my gosh its’ wrong, I’m wrong.”

It seems like PLL fans won’t be getting any answers soon, but the two assured us there’s still a lot to look forward to in the upcoming episodes. 

“The next episode is going to be great. It’s a huge fashion event, it was a huge deal. They all wore the craziest, coolest outfits it was a good time, that will be enjoyable,” says Tyler.  

No matter if it’s wacky fashion, thrilling relationship drama, or nail biting scenes, something crazy happens every single episode of Pretty Little Liars – and it doesn’t stop now.  

“It only gets more intense from here. Everybody keeps saying this episode was so intense, this episode was so intense, but just wait,” says Shay.