Renowned Plastic Surgeon Paul S. Nassif Comments on Courtney Stodden: Surgery or No?

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Who is Courtney Stodden?
Celebuzz investigates the teen bride.
Teen bride Courtney Stodden is under fire about her appearance. Critics say the 16-year-old has undergone plastic surgery, a claim she denies emphatically. 

There’s only one way to resolve the conflicting public perception — take it to a professional! 

Celebuzz contacted Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a pioneer in plastic surgery who has treated thousands and is recognized internationally for his innovative surgical techniques. After personally examining Courtney, he gives his personal assessment on her appearance.

“I examined her face for Good Morning America,” he reveals, adding that another doctor looked at her body for the upcoming piece. “Without her makeup, her face does appear younger. She does look like a teenager with her makeup off. If you’re just looking at her face, without looking at her hair, without looking at the way she’s dressed, or anything else … she does look older than 16 though, but not too much older. I don’t see any signs of plastic surgery.”

As far as non-surgical enhancements, he says, “I can’t guarantee 100% and I doubt it, but there’s always a possibility that she had a little Botox in her forehead.”

He also commented on her ample lips, saying, “Her lips, without her makeup, after a through exam, I’m comfortable to say I don’t see anything.”

As for why people may assume she’s had work done, he says, “If you take the package; with all the makeup, the hair done, the push-up bra … the way she dresses … make it appear that way.”

It is worth mentioning that while Dr. Nassif did not do a body examination, he says that another doctor examined her breasts and found they were natural.

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