Jimmy Fallon Leads Parade of Funny for GQ’s Latest Issue

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Hollywood's most hysterical duos.
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The newest issue of GQ Magazine showcases this years funniest comics with their fourth annual comedy issue!

Whether they starred in a new film that sent their comedic status soaring, or have been up to bat a couple of times with hysterical films and television shows, these actors go all out in the august issue. Jimmy Fallon leads a marching band in his photoshoot and this band always has his back on his hilarious late night show.

One of Hollywood’s hottest ladies, Mila Kunis proves to fans that not only is she gorgeous, but she has a sense of humor too. Friends with Benefits star is the cover of the GQ magazine, and her spot in front is rightfully deserved after her previous roles in That 70’s show, and flick Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Mila isn’t the only lady who’s funny enough to grace the comedy issue of GQ.

Bridesmaids star, Melissa McCarthy shares her techniques on how she got into the role of Megan for the film and nearly stole the show. In her article, she talks about her role in the movie, and how she became such a big hit in playing such a repulsive character. She proves that in comedy you definitely have to be fearless. Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, and Jason Bateman also make a debut on this issue, and these funny guys definitely deserve it after their laugh your butt off performance in Horrible Bosses.

To read the full article’s or just have yourself a good laugh, pick up one of the GQ August Issues!