Kendall and Kylie Jenner Exclusive: 'We're Allowed to Date' (VIDEO)

A few months ago, Celebuzz asked our fabulous readers (and Kardashian fans around the world) to submit questions for Kendall and Kylie Jenner, promising that the beautiful duo would choose their favorite questions and answer them via video. Well, they're still fulfilling requests, and in the fourth installment of their answer sessions, things get interesting when Kendall and Kylie start talking about their potential dating lives and boys in general.

When asked by a fan if they're allowed to date and if they had any romance advice, Kylie shrugged off the first part, admitting: "I guess we're allowed to date ... but, you'll know when we do." When it came to the advice part, that's when Kylie vented a bit, saying:

"A lot of guys lie. Like, they lie a lot. You can think some guy is the best guy ever, like he'll never do anything to hurt you, but ... no. No. Be careful," she said.

Also in the video, you can find out what will make Kylie cry (other than boys) and who they think is the funniest person on the planet.

Stay tuned for part 5, coming on Wednesday, and if you have any other questions for them, make sure to follow Kendall (@KendallJenner) and Kylie (@KylieJenner) on Twitter!



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  • Alice

    You spelt liar wrong :/

  • Paris

    Does it get annoying having paparazzi following you and your family everywhere?

  • joel

    i love you kendall

  • sophie

    i'm like ur biggest fan ever guys ! srsly, i followed you guys on twitter, i've liked ur fb page, i've got like so many pics of u guys on my facebook. You guys are my idols !!!!!!!!!!! u guys are so beautiful and u guys have such a stunning family. I watch ur show all the time and i think i could seriously memorise them all ahahahah , loveyou guys !!

  • sophie

    do you guys find it strange seeing your self on t.v? or aree you used to it? xxx - biggest fan eveeer.

  • sophie13

    do you guys eat alot of fast food? if you do what is your favourite?:D

  • aly

    heey my name is aly and im going to calabasa california and was wondering if icould meet you guys :D ?

  • Polly

    I LOVE URBAN OUTFITTERS! All of your guys clothes are adorable.

  • danielle

    did rob ever call the french girl from the jonas brother concert video?

  • briannam218

    heyy guys i was just wondering , Do you guys ever get sick of having to look good all then time and were makeup every day ? and why ? , not being a hater i was just curious

  • arlena

    Hey Kendall & Kylie well i want too be a model do you think theres a chance i can be one? [img][/img]

  • Nathan Terra
    Nathan Terra

    Who Inspires U The Most???

  • Korin Pinsky
    Korin Pinsky

    Hey Kendall and Kylie! What's it like being the sisters of like super famous people?????

  • Korin Pinsky
    Korin Pinsky

    What is it like waking up and seeing a camera in your face? What's it like almost always having a camera follwoing your evrey move?

  • Davy Anapaz
    Davy Anapaz

    Hi Kendall and Kylie, Kendall with who would you like to do a foto shooting with ? Kylie If you would already be an actress, in what kind of movie would you like to act for ?

  • Davy Anapaz
    Davy Anapaz

    Hey Kendall and Kylie, My question is : How should your dream guy look like ?

  • kiran

    yeah we wanna no where you shop, where do you shop for clothes

  • kiran

    Where do you buy your clothes from?x

  • kiran

    Where do you shop?

  • ronnie

    Kendall i want to know what it takes to get a date with you. I think your one of the most beautiful girls. I want to know if i could have a shot with someone as pretty as you. I hope you read this.

  • Daniel Elisaia
    Daniel Elisaia

    you guys are beatiful and whitch one of your sisters do you connect with the most? (kim, khloe, or kourtney)

  • Sergio Vasquez
    Sergio Vasquez

    how old are you

  • Debra Garrett
    Debra Garrett

    What kind of relationship do you have with the Jenner boys and Casey? How come they are never on the show?

  • Olivia Jacobs
    Olivia Jacobs

    is kendall pregnat

  • marina

    will you ever become friends with a fan if they treat you no different then a normal person?? :D dont be afraid t hmu :)<3 love you guys!!

  • brooklyn

    what do u love to do for fun???

  • Molly McAndrew
    Molly McAndrew

    Do you want your own reality tv show - or have you thought of having one : Keeping up with Kendall and Kylie or Keeping up with the Jenners?

  • nicholas

    do you have facebook or twitter

  • nataliana

    i know you guys live with kris(your mom) and bruce(your dad obvi haha)... do you guys ever hang out with bruce's other kids ? or just with the kardashians ?

  • Alana D
    Alana D

    Do you like being famous? And why do you never answer anyone on twitter? WE LOVE YOU GIRLS

  • Johanna

    is your hair naturally strait? also, what shampoo, conditioner and products do you use on your hair becase i reallt want mine to be like that!!!

  • zoe

    kylie: where did you get your feather earrings?

  • Sophia

    Hi Kylie and Kendall, Who is the celebrity u have a crush?? P.S. You two are sooo PRETTY and you're sisters:)

  • Sophia

    If you were allowed to date a celebrity who would it be and why?

  • FRank

    Not all guys are like that. Kendall i think u´re beutifull

  • Anna

    I am your biggest fan ever guys! I watch like every since episode of you guys'! I wish I could meet you guys. :'( Kylie, you are my age and I think you should model! :)

  • Anna

    I am your biggest fan ever guys! I watch like every since episode of you guys'! I wish I could meet you guys. :'( Kylie, you are my age and I think you should model!

  • Hope

    How tall are you barefoot, Kendall and Kylie?

  • Sabrina Mangialardo
    Sabrina Mangialardo

    Are you going to to a show just like your sisters? Have you ever think about that? How would you name the show?? xx

  • sarah

    kendall&kylie, you are both soo gorgeous! would you mind telling me what cosmetics (brands&colours) you use? that would be absolutely amazing ! :P xo

  • Alexi


  • Alexi

    What do you think about all the people who say they are you on facebook and twitter, even though you said your accounts ar private?

  • Evelin Arriaza
    Evelin Arriaza

    Have you ever been in Indianapolis, In? also how do u do your make up? its really good. you guys should make a make up tutorial on youtube. <3

  • Mike

    Marry me Kylie? :)

  • rham

    what do u guys like to do when u guys are bored?



  • Claire

    What kind of hair products do you use?? ANd how do you keep your hair so straight?

  • Makenna

    Whats your favorite Actress or Actor ever?

  • Nina .....
    Nina .....

    Can someone help me, i'm pressing the play button ,, but nothing is happening, and i badly want to watch it....

  • Nicole Frias
    Nicole Frias

    If you had 5 things to take on a Deserted Island What would it be ?????

  • Alyze Carolina
    Alyze Carolina

    Question for Kendall: So your modeling career has taken of pretty good, Did you ever take Modeling Classes before?-Alyze Question for Kylie: Do you have any ideas for a birthday bash for your 14th birthday, btw Happy Early Birthday (: -Sincerly Alyze

  • ashley

    do you guys use hairspray for your hair if so what kind ?

  • kendalllui

    I love them so much!!!! <3 I am Kendall fan. :)

  • Angie

    Ello, I just wanna know how do you guys stay fit, and do you have a diet or do you just eat whatever you want whenever? P.s I look up to you guys as role models since I'm also into modeling (like kendall) and I'm fourteen , thanks!

  • Caroline Solomon
    Caroline Solomon

    Heyy Kendall and Kylie!! Where are your favorite places to shop??

  • Megan O'Hanley
    Megan O'Hanley

    Do you girls enjoy being in the spotlight wherever you go? Does the press bother you?

  • Addie

    Kylie, How tall are you because I'm your age and if I were to meet you I would probably feel like a shrip. Also why are you and Kendall so pretty! I hate you guys! You to gorgeous!!! <3 Please e-mail me! I love you guys!

  • Karen Garcia
    Karen Garcia

    do u guys have any crush on any celebrities?? if you do who are they?(;

  • NIcola

    Do you like being on camera all the time? would you prefer to have more privacy? :D

  • Mati Afflalo
    Mati Afflalo

    I'm a guy and I don't lie a lot :) only sometimes ;) who is older?

  • Nanda

    -Kylie are u going to act any time soon? or model more? and Kendall what is your dream modeling job? -Who do you think u resemble the most out of your whole family? - Have people every called u guys kylie or kendall kardashian? - What is your guys favorite color? - A lot of people think u guys are twins ... what is your response to that ? - How are u guys different and how are u guys the same? - Do u guys have any big modeling projects coming up that u would like to tell us about?

  • victoria

    Hey Kylie and Kendall! How are you guys? Have you ever had a crazy fan chase after you? lol. (-: hope to talk to you soon(:

  • Annabel Hudson
    Annabel Hudson

    If you could go to any fashion event what would it be ? xx

  • abby

    are u aubssed with nick manaj!!!!

  • Marcus Rosales
    Marcus Rosales

    Do you girls want to do acting when you grow up?.. and can any of you sing?

  • christastano1

    Hey Kendall and Kylie! :) What was your hoilday in bora bora like? ,, what were your guys fav bits?

  • Laura

    what country you would like to visit and why?? I suggest Dominican republic to them...haha love u girls!



  • Mia

    hey kendall and kylie, what would you say is your absolute dream job or activity?

  • Angie Gavidia
    Angie Gavidia

    Do you get treated differently at school because of your familys fame? :D Whos Your favorite Sister kim, khloe or kourtney.?

  • Hannah Galloway
    Hannah Galloway

    Hi!! If you two had were offered to have your own show would you? and what kind of crazy things would you get up to? :) Please follow me on twitter @Hannah_G___

  • Janise

    I think you guys are awesome ily. ok My question is how do you guys like being celebrities and what do you hate? How is your life different from everyone else? and my mom asks why do you wear make-up?? your so young you dont need it .. lol

  • Emma Sue
    Emma Sue

    What are somethings that you guys do not like about being famous? Also, What are 5 things you guys want to do before you all die?

  • Tai-lin

    hey guys! I was wondering what stores do you shop at? & what makeup products are your favorite?

  • Madison

    Hey Kendall and Kylie, I would like to know if you guys would ever make a tutorial for your hair and makeup and post it on your youtube account.. if so that would be great!

  • Holly Sand
    Holly Sand

    Do you ever think about mmeeting or paying back to your fans in some way? :)

  • elise1234

    Have you seen my friends and I's parody to your familys E.T video?! Make a shout out if you have!! :) We love ya'll! If not, watch here:

  • leah

    do u guys know about ur sisters pass lifes?

  • leah

    whats the most thing u like about each other?

  • kelsey

    what is the most thing u like about kourt, kim, khloe, & Rob?

  • DeAndre

    I'm am not a lyer, I'm nice and sweet like ice cream Deandre benbow was here!

  • ilovejustinbieber878

    Are you guys enjoying your summer vacation? have you been on any trips over summer?

  • ilovejustinbieber878

    Are you guys enjoying your summer vacation? have you been on any trips over summer?

  • ilovejustinbieber878

    Are you guys enjoying your summer vacation? have you been on any trips over summer?

  • Kimm

    Do you guys want to have another sister? consider adoption?!

  • Birna

    where can i send u guys fan mail ? XOXO Birna

  • Tori

    Where do you guys shop/ favorite places to shop?

  • Anne

    What makeup do u wear in your everyday routine? (e.g foundation, eyeshadow..etc.) and what's your favorite makeup brand?

  • najla khalid
    najla khalid

    where do u guys get your bags from ?!

  • najla khalid
    najla khalid

    can you please say i love you najla am a huge fan

  • najla khalid
    najla khalid

    why don't you guys follow your fan's on twitter we love you

  • Eliz

    Do you two ever have big arguments with each other, like the occasional ones Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have?

  • Melissa

    Hey x Do you Like beening famous, why?? xx