Mark Salling Talks ‘Glee’ New Season & Fun Times With Cory Monteith!

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Mark Salling made hundreds of girls’ day in Los Angeles when he hosted a CD signing at Guess on Monday. The Glee hunk happily posed for pictures with eager fans and talked with everyone who waited in line to see him.

Celebuzz caught up with the star afterwards, and tried to get out of him what we can expect for season three (Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer’s final one) and how he killed time during the massive Glee tour this summer. Hint: it was a Cory bromance!

First things first, Mark was amazed by how awesome his fans were:

“There was a woman that had a few of my song lyrics tattooed on her hip. That was really cool. That blows my mind right there, that some of these songs have such an impact on people. It’s beyond flattering.”

Salling just got back from performing overseas, and it seems like it’s been nonstop work for the Glee kids, since they didn’t exactly get a summer vacation.

“The tour was a beast,” Mark said. “It was a big, big tour. But man, it was a lot of fun though. Definitely a lot of work, a lot of travel. It was great to go to so many amazing places and see so many fans come out.”

When the cast did get downtime, Mark hung a lot with his costar Cory Monteith.

“We got some disc-golf in, in just about every city. We had a great time, he’s a great friend.”

Season 3 marks the end of the road for Cory — unless a rumored spinoff takes place, although The Hollywood Reporter says that isn’t likely. Salling dished that he doesn’t know where Glee will pick back up just yet, but he has a lot of faith in Ryan Murphy that the season will be awesome per usual.

“We start beginning of August and I have no idea honestly where everything is going to start,” Mark told us. “I even have no clue even about my relationship with Ashley [Fink]! We don’t know until we get the scripts about a week before and something tells me we won’t get the first one until a day before.”

Still, Mark said “it would be cool” if his character was still lovestruck.

“I think this season will be great, I have a good feeling about it.”

Check out this “Don’t Stop Believing” clip and pick up your copy of the Glee 3D Concert soundtrack out August 9th (and Mark’s album Pipe Dreams, out now).