MTV Unveils New Series ‘Awkward’! (VIDEO)

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With the popularity of MTV’s scripted shows like Teen Wolf and The Hard Time of RJ Berger, they are diving into another one!

Although this time around, things are getting Awkward and Celebuzz recently sat down with the cast to discuss the new show!

Awkward follows a character named Jenna Hamilton played by One Tree Hill’s Ashley Rickards. Hamilton becomes an over night celebrity at her school after mistakenly judging an accident as a suicidal attempt. As the episodes unfold, we also will begin to learn more about the other characters and much more.

Not only is the show hilarious it has a raw sense of truth within it. Rickards stated, “I think the cookie cutter cliché is disappointing and for the audience seeing that it isn’t believable. We wanted something people could learn from and relate to. It is real and raw what you see is what real teens go through.”

When talking about how one relates to their character Molly Tarlov who plays Sadie Saxton explained, “I am very different than my character, which is fortunate for those around me. Sadie is not so nice but she has a really deep-rooted insecurity that drives her to be so mean.”

Rickards in regard to the overall message added, “The shows main message is that you can’t change what has happened to you but you can change the way you feel about it. “

Make sure and check it out on MTV July 19 at 11 p.m. after Teen Mom. Check out the trailer above!