The Men of ‘Entourage’ Talk Final Season, Say Movie Will Happen (VIDEO)

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The days of Entourage on the small screen may be coming to an end, but it looks like this won’t be the final goodbye! The cast of Entourage sat down with Matt Lauer on the TODAY show this morning and revealed that plans for a movie are in the works. With seven seasons of the beloved HBO series behind them, Hollywood superstar Vincent Chase and his inner circle have an exciting eighth and final season for their fans.

Adrian Grenier, who plays Vincent, was joined by Jeremy Piven (Ari), Kevin Connolly (Eric), Kevin Dillon (Drama) and a very slim Jerry Ferrara (Turtle). Looking handsome as ever, it seems the gang hasn’t lost any of their magic and will have plenty of Hollywood hijinks in store in the weeks to come.

Lauer commented on the more serious tone of the last season, noting that many fans felt that the heavier mood weighed down the show. Grenier was quick to emphasize that this season would be the lighter, more triumphant Entourage that fans had come to know and love:

“Vince is back, he has got to prove to everyone that he is not actually the drug addict that everyone thinks he is.”

The cast, known for their close camaraderie, was nostalgic about the past seven years together. Connolly summed up the feelings of his castmates, saying:

“I think it would be impossible to duplicate this experience, it’s just been so unique. You could go on and do ten shows, however many and win Academy Awards, but it will never be as special and unique as this ­–lightening in the bottle.”

Luckily for fans around the world, this won’t be the last we see of Vince and the boys. The cast are all on board for an Entourage movie, Connelly enthusiastically affirmed:

“We are going to try really hard to make that happen.”

On this chapter of their lives finally closing, Lauer read a tweet that Piven had posted a which read “Don’t be sad because it’s over, smile because it happened”, a message that the star said David Nutter, the series’ director, told the cast when the 8th season wrapped. We couldn’t agree with him more!

Catch the premiere of the final season of Entourage this Sunday at 10:30 pm eastern on HBO! Need a refresher course? Watch the Season 8 trailer and have Celebuzz catch you up to speed here.