What’s That Catchy ‘Jersey Shore’ Trailer Tune? We’ve Got the Answer! (LISTEN)

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It’s more than likely that you’ve already watched the season four trailer for the Jersey Shore (maybe more than once?) and if you found yourself digging the tune at the very end, you’re not alone!

After Celebuzz watched the explosive trailer for season four of the hit MTV reality show and heard the infectious song at the end, we ended up doing a little digging and this is what we found: The song is called “Jersey Girl” and is by a (you guessed it) New Jersey based group named Cash Cash.

The group pays homage to their Jersey roots with lyrics like “4 a.m. at a diner stop/Singing living on a prayer/I’m thinking maybe you’re a Jersey girl/With all those highlights in your hair.” (“Living on a Prayer” is a famous tune from Jersey native Jon Bon Jovi).

The quartet is made up of Jean Paul Makhlouf, Alexander Luke Makhlouf, Sam Frisch, and Anthony Villacari with this particular tune coming from their latest album Love or Lust.

If you haven’t already, be sure to listen to the song above!

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