Check Out Some Vintage Stills of a Geek Chic Cory Monteith! (PHOTOS)

Cory Monteith, is that you?!

If you can believe it, it seems as though there was a time the Glee hunk was anything but! In some just released stills from a movie that Cory filmed way back in the day, it shows the adorable 29-year-old with some long, straggly hair as well as some less than flattering glasses.

So, what was this movie all about?

Wannabe Mack, released in 2007, was about a “young grimacing virgin (Monteith) who has a fear of kissing. In some of the shots, he can be seen almost puking and pulling a disgusted face at the prospect of locking lips.”

We have a feeling that character was a bit of a stretch for him!

Take a look through the rest of the photos in the gallery and check out even more vintage Glee stars below!