Justin Bieber Stops By the Studio to Support Selena Gomez (PHOTOS)

what a good bf!
Justin Bieber Visits Selena Gomez at an LA Studio

Selena Gomez is a busy gal, but still manages to find time for her boyfriend Justin Bieber.

The Biebs stopped by a recording studio in LA on Wednesday afternoon to say a quick hello to his lady love.

We're glad he got to see her, because it seems that he was feeling a little down!

The 17-year-old pop sensation tweeted earlier in the day:

"not feeling so great today"
Aw, we're sure that he perked up after getting to spend time with SelGo. And we're sure they'll get to spend some time together on Selena's birthday on Friday!

Justin recently sat down with the Hollywood Reporter and talked a little bit about his fragrance and a number of other topics. While talking about his scent "Someday," he mentioned:

"I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it would be successful because it’s a good smell, no matter what, but to be the number one fragrance? That’s amazing.”
Check out the rest of the photos of Justin supporting Selena in the gallery!


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  • kylie forrest
    kylie forrest

    omg you have ur ears pearsed i love you so much you are so hot

  • kylie forrest
    kylie forrest

    mad ugly!!!

  • daniel e p
    daniel e p

    hum, Justin what DE fuck were you going to do there, after all she is your girlfriend.

  • claudialimon
  • PrettyBahdCh1ck

    why dont she get a car and run off with nick jonas leave JUST ALONE!!!gosh poparazzi

  • PrettyBahdCh1ck

    seem like shes being arrested woohoo bye selena now hes mine!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julia

    Justin looks great

  • jelena

    He is such a gentleman. Selena deserve him.

  • Tyler

    Get a life u are just jealous.

  • miror1

    yuck selena gomez a user :)hahahah

  • tatts09

    the scent is called Someday??Someday what? 1.he'll look more like a man? 2.he'll finally have his "biceps"? 3.people would stop saying he's a she?(bah,like that'll ever happen)? 4.his voice will break? 5.he'll actually for once win a wrestle match between himself and khole kardashian? what?what?what justin?pray you do tell us normal folk..

  • debora981

    It's cute :) They both always support to each other :))

  • kendalllui

    They both look great <3


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