Justin Timberlake’s Most Memorable Lady Friends (PHOTOS)

Justin Timberlake has proven that the best accessory a man could have is a fine lady on his arm. Now that he’s single, what better time to take a look at some of his most memorable lady friends?

JT and Britney Spears were considered the “it” couple in the 90’s. While looking happy in their famous matching denim outfits in 2001, they had everyone convinced they would last forever. After dating for almost 4 years, they broke the hearts of millions as they split up in 2003, leaving fans wondering why.

What can we look for in Justin’s next lady friend?

“I don’t know that there’s a particular quality in a woman I would go for over any other,” he told The Huffington Post.

Justin seems to be the long-term relationship kind of guy, as has gone from one serious relationship to the next. After splitting with ex Cameron Diaz after dating for almost 4 years, he had no problem finding his next leading lady—Jessica Biel. The two started dating in 2007 and seemed extremely happy together. There were even rumors spreading about a proposal in Biel’s future. Another 4 years passed and the two decided to split; yet it’s been said that they are trying to rekindle their relationship.

Even though Justin has been recently rumored with his Friends With Benefits costar, Mila Kunis,  is he really ready to jump into something again? “I’m just enjoying exploring my life right now and wherever the path ends up will be OK because that’s where I’ll have wanted it to end up,” he said.

Check out the gallery to see some of JT’s most memorable lady friends.

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