Matt Damon Debuts Brand New Shaved Head! (PHOTOS)

bald & beautiful!
Bald Matt Damon Spotted in Vancouver Preparing for Film 'Elysium'

That's quite the look, Matt Damon!

The hunky actor was seen making a quick trip to the post office in Vancouver on Tuesday afternoon, where he showed off this striking new 'do. The 40-year-old actor stepped out in a green t-shirt, a pair of jeans -- and a completely bald head. 

Wondering why Matt took to the shears to get rid of his precious locks?

Matt is in Canada filming Elysium, a sci-fi flick that also stars The A Team's Sharlto Copley. Not many details are known about the film, but it's being directed by Neill Blomkamp -- who was the man behind the sleeper hit District 9 . The new film is set to hit theaters in 2013.

This isn't Matt's only sci-fi movie in the works! He's also starring in Contagion, about a deadly virus spreading through the world. Check out the trailer below:

Do you approve of Matt's new bald 'do? Sound off in the comments!



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