Meet & Greet: ‘Spy Kid’ Rowan Blanchard, The Triple Threat!

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“Your life is about to change with this film” — when nine-year-old Rowan Blanchard heard these words from the other end of the telephone, she knew she had landed something big. Rowan is a kid actress who is set to star in the upcoming film Spy Kids: All The Time In The World.  

“I had tears in my eyes, that was my first reaction, it was crazy like my heart basically kind of stopped,” Rowan tells Celebuzz.  

What made that phone call so special? “My mom picked up the phone and was like, ‘Rowan, there’s someone special here to talk to you,’ and I thought it was my grandma because if they say someone special is here to talk to you it’s usually my grandmother,” she says.

It wasn’t her grandmother this time, but rather Spy Kids director Robert Rodriguez, the director of the film – he was calling to give Rowan the good news that she had gotten the part!

“I recognized his voice because he has a very particular tone, it’s like a deep, deep tone,” says Rowan.  

Not many kids in movies get called personally by the director to be informed they got the role, which makes this adorable little girl so special. Celebuzz sat down the kid star and talk about her first movie, working with the talented Jessica Alba, and celebrity crushes!

Tell us a little bit about your character?
My character Rebecca is ten-years-old. She’s an incredibly competitive twin. She is very smart. Her brother can sometimes be a know-it-all, but she will really fight fire with fire if she has to. She will say something immediately right back to insult him.

Jessica Alba plays your step-mother, how was it working with an icon like Jessica?
She is so nice. It is so much fun working for her. She is a great actress and we connected immediately and bonded. To do scenes with her is a big honor.

Being your first film you have ever starred in, what were some of the challenges you faced while filming?
Robert changes lines all of the time, so that was one little minor thing. Marissa’s character was originally named Jessica. Then, they casted Jessica Alba as the part [and] renamed the character Marissa. I had learned the scenes calling her Jessica, so my character is constantly saying Marissa Marissa and instead of saying Jessica Jessica I had to say Marissa Marissa, and I swear I probably went through 200 takes doing that scene.

What is your favorite memory from on set?
I had my birthday on set. I was turning nine. My family flew out to Texas; I was just with my dad because my parents had to rotate. On set, Robert and the whole cast and crew came out and they were all wishing me a happy birthday and they made me a cake, it was so much fun!

What is the coolest thing this movie has allowed you to do?
I got to meet Robert Rodriguez who is truly amazing. I call him my second farther because I’m really close with him. I loved his movies before — except the adult ones which I am not allowed to see — but meeting him was just so amazing, he is a huge inspiration.

Being a part of the Hollywood spotlight, do you have any celebrity crushes you can share with us?
I love Johnny Depp, even though he is way older than me. I have a couple other crushes, I like Daniel Radcliffe and I do like Jaden Smith, I really like him.

We heard that you like singing Broadway show tunes, what is your favorite Broadway show and why?
My favorite Broadway show is “My Fair Lady.” I love singing those songs and then I also like “Funny Girl.” There’s a song I love in that called, “Don’t Rain on my Parade.” I am just a big fan of Broadway.

You’re also a singer. Your vocal coach is Rob Andersen — a guy who normally doesn’t train kids and has worked with people like Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera — what is it like training with someone who has worked with so many successful artists?
It is an honor training with someone who has so many names, so many great voices. When I found out I was training with him I was really, really happy.  He normally doesn’t take kids, so when I found out he was taking me it was such a big honor.

You have accomplished so much at such a young age, what is your ultimate goal in life?
To stay in the business. I love acting so much and I really plan on going to Juliart for college. I want to go to college really badly and learn the art there. I also want help charities. I don’t want to be just that actress, I want to be the actress that has helped people, the actress that is helping people reach their goals in life.

What advice do you have to other kids who have the same dreams as you to make it in the industry?
So many people are going to tell you no, so many people are going to tell you you aren’t good enough, so many people are going to tell you that you don’t look the part — but that kind of just builds your strength.

Can’t get enough of America’s newest sweetheart? We can’t either! Be sure to check out Rowan in the new FOX comedy Little in Common, starring Rob Corddry and Gabrielle Union.