Take Your Pick! Win a Chance to Meet Selena Gomez, Katy Perry or Tay Swift!


Three princesses of pop -- Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry -- are all auctioning off a chance to meet with them and attend their concerts!

Calling all California Girls! Two lucky fans will get to meet Katy Perry and attend her California Dreams Tour (VIP tickets, of course!) at the Santa Barbara Bowl on Sunday August 14. Love Taylor Swift and want to see her live at her Speak Now tour? You and a friend will get to meet the gorgeous blonde and watch her perform at her Lexington, KY show on Saturday October 29! The stunning Selena Gomez is going on tour in just a few days, and she is is auctioning off VIP tickets to watch her show plus hang with her backstage at any concert of your choice during her upcoming tour! 

How can you meet these three lovely ladies?

Selena, Taylor, and Katy have all donated these amazing experiences to help raise funds for the Dream Foundation (makes dreams come true for adults fighting terminal illnesses), Musicians On Call (brings music to patients in healthcare facilities), and The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham (provides relief to tornado victims in Alabama) - through charity auction site Charitybuzz.com.

These are opportunities you don't want to miss! Bidding ends on Wednesday August 3 for Katy Perry and Taylor Swift! Selena's ends TOMORROW July 21! Place your bids now!

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  • makayla

    Katy all the way i have been trying to win a chance to meet her for awhile,meeting her would be a dream come true... i swear if i meet her i am going to cry my eyes out and smile the WHOLE time. so in conclustion i wolud LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet Katy Perry, and idk if you win by making the best comment but yeah. i have NEVER one a contest. P.S Your welcome Katy i do accept your weidness.

  • Stephanie

    Selena,Selena,Selena,Selena,Selena,Selena,Selena,Selena,Selena,Selena And Selena for a few more thousand times Selena Duh? Who Wouldnt LOVE her?

  • antonia

    selena all da way :P

  • lana

    selena gomez because shes beatyfull talented the most gourguse girl in the world

  • Mescudi Feyi
    Mescudi Feyi

    katy perry. her music is amazing.

  • Gilbertine Vilot
    Gilbertine Vilot

    Taylor the best of 3

  • Wint War San
    Wint War San

    Selena!!! She is the best!!!

  • victoria franklin
    victoria franklin

    taylor swift duhh, i hope to be like her

  • Lynda

    Definitely KATY PERRY - She's the Best!!

  • Aripcy Salazar
  • Elisha

    KATY PERRY!!! ofcorse!!!! <3 she is amazing, she is kind to all her fans, she isnt stuckup like everyone else <3

  • GU


  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    katy of course, those two are stupid teen damns

  • Dhailia

    Selena, definitely

  • Leigha Bailey
    Leigha Bailey

    Katy Perry!!!! <3