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Since news broke Friday that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were divorcing, news outlets wasted no time digging into sources to figure out what went wrong.

Here is a roundup of everything out right now about why things supposedly fell apart. It seems that most are Team JLo:

  • The couple was "nonstop arguing" in the months leading up to the decision to split
  • People reports: "There were issues on a movie set, envy on the American Idol stage, and times that Lopez feared her husband wasn't faithful."
  • US Weekly also reports that "multiple sources" say Anthony had "at least one extra-marital affair in 2009."
  • Marc had a "compulsion to control everything" in Jennifer's life, both in business and personal settings
  • US recalls Marc's behavior during JLo's Style Icon of the Decade cover shoot: "He would make her feel terrible about herself if she wanted to wear something sexy...He likes her to dress in a demure, 'wife' style. He hated the fact that she was a sex symbol."
  • E! also notes Anthony's "jealousy" issues. "She put up with—and kept putting up with—Marc's controlling ways, which had been going on for a long time, and she was really trying to make the best of it."
  • Ben Affleck supposedly is helping JLo
Now for the few sources speaking out on Marc's behalf:
  • People: Anthony insider disputes infidelity claims and maintains he supported her career. "They started to see life differently," says source.
  • E! claims jealousy issues went both ways and that Jennifer was "uncomfortable" with Marc's relationship with ex Dayanara Torres
What do you think Celebuzz readers? We sure see the words "control" and "jealous" pop up in the various reports out there. Don't think Marc Anthony looking upbeat and joking about being single is exactly helping his case, either.

Jlo & Marc Divorcing
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  • MJH

    um....When you get married, aren't the words, "FOR BETTER OR WORSE?" Lets see the history? She's married and divorced how many times? AND how many relationships has she used for publicity? SHE'S full of shizznitt....How sad for those babies...I got 5 children have been married and widowed twice. I WISH those little problems were on my list. BUT, REAL MOM'S don't whine or cry about things like that, they put their kids 1st, shut it up and deal with problems instead of running away. How is she going to explain this to them during those rebellious years? My 1st husband did all kinds of crap, but I stayed until he comitted suicide in 2000. NONE of my children have Ever been rebellious not from the 20 yr old to the 8 yr old (from my 2nd husband that drowned 2 yrs ago). BEING A MOM AND WOMAN means dealing with the problems at hand not running away, sometimes you have to deal with things for the better outcome OF THE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!! I WISH I HAD A HUSBAND THAT wanted to take control right now!!!JLO one day, you will regret what you have done.

  • Jess

    Jlo split with that bitch because he was having an affair with a flight attendance ( which was a female ) .

  • guest

    hahahaha all of u guys are idiots an need a life u fucking ppl and mind ur own buissnes

  • ann

    realize how there are so many new on team jlo's side and only two on marc's side....

  • guest

    marc anthony looks like a controlling type

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    Diddy's calling her up right now....lol. I don't think he ever stopped loving her.

  • sona

    or maybe that's none of your f*cking business