Better as Blonde? Katy Perry Lightens Locks Even More (POLL)

Katy Perry's Bikini Bod
KP flaunts her two-piece.
Katy Perry recently embraced her inner blonde and switched over from the dark side by dying her locks, and it looks like she loved it so much, she’s lightened her tresses even more!

At an event announcing the VMA nominations (KP nabbed nine!), the 26-year-old songstress debuted the significantly blonder ‘do.

Maybe she wants to see if blondes have more fun?

Of course, Celebuzz wants to know what YOU think of Katy’s new look.

Totally loving it? Or do you think she looks better as a brunette? Cast your vote in the poll!

For even more contrast, check out pics of Katy and her hubby Russell Brand in NYC a couple weeks ago below.

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