Emmanuelle Chriqui Is a Stone Cold Fox on ‘FOX & Friends’ (PHOTOS)

Chriqui's Sexiest Looks
Emmanuelle at her absolute hottest.
Some people watch Entourage for the antics of Jeremy Piven as Ari, or the womanizing ways of Adrian Grenier as Vince. For Celebuzz though, Emmanuelle Chriqui’s subdued Sloane character — plus her infinite and underrated hotness — is one of the main draws.

Miss Chriqui (isn’t that just fun to say aloud?) was getting her publicity on Thursday morning, plugging the series’ final season on FOX & Friends. Sporting a pair of khaki pants and a frame-fitting white shirt, Chriqiu was the epitome of casual beauty as she posed for photos and answered questions that were thrown at her.

Chriqui should have no problem finding work post-Entourage, as her star has been rising of late. This month, she’s a cover girl for Hamptons Magazine, and spoke about her future. Once all of the summer fun is over, Emmanuelle is ready to find another role on the small screen. Finally able to take on new projects in the fall, the actress sounded excited about what lay ahead:

“I want to be working hard, week after week. I think being an actor, we are constantly in a state of anxiety one way or another. But I feel way more empowered than anxiety-ridden.”

Earlier this year, Emmanuelle also scored the cover of Vegas magazine.