Kendall and Kylie Talk Hair, Friendship and More in Part 5 of Q&A (VIDEO)

The Kardashian and Jenner clan is part of the Celebuzz family, so it's only right that we let the CB readers -- also our family -- chat it up with Kendall and Kylie Jenner!

In the fifth edition of our exclusive Q&A, the Jenner gals keep on firing through the thousands of questions the Celebuzz readers submitted for them to answer. They've already covered topics like dating, boys and other juicy tidbits, and this go-round they're sharing some hair and skin tips (seriously, they're flawless) and even open up about how their friends deal with the spotlight being on the family.

"We've known our friends since we were four, pretty much ... they have honestly treated us no different," Kylie happily admitted during the video.

Want more? Watch it up above! Missed part 4? Well, dig in down below:



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  • nancy

    i love your hair what do you use to wash your hair with do you use bodywash and what kind do you use

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  • abigail

    Hey guys you 2 are amazing ! <3 <3 Question: im doind=g a modaling thing and i wanted to know what advise could you give me to be a better modal :) <3 abi <3 <3 please replyy !<3 <3 love you guys <3 <3 :)

  • ally soofi
    ally soofi

    do you guys have extensions? how long are they?

  • Ally

    Kylie and Kendal, do you have extensions?

  • William

    In school, how do people react to you guys? do they ask for pictures and autographs and all that stuff? thanks :)

  • Elizabeth

    How do you guys stay so fit?!!! Like and (awks, I know) but keep your boobs? I can't get a personal trainer, and don't have alot of time, but I'm 16, and wanna be skinnier. What do you recommend? I would love for you guys to answer this question in your video, I feel as though it would be super helpful to lots of people!

  • Sian (Pronounced. Sh-an, Sharn)
    Sian (Pronounced. Sh-an, Sharn)

    How do you apply your eye make-up? How do you style your hair? Do you straighten her hair, and if so, what techniques do you use? What is your favorite TV show? What Acne Clearing Scrubs do you use apart from PerfectSkin? What Tanning Cream do you use? What is the funniest joke you know? Will you ever come to Sydney, Australia (please do)?

  • Sian (Pronounced. Sh-an, Sharn)
    Sian (Pronounced. Sh-an, Sharn)

    How do you apply your eye make-up? How do you style your hair? Do you straighten her hair, and if so, what techniques do you use? What is your favorite TV show? What Acne Clearing Scrubs do you use apart from PerfectSkin? What Tanning Cream do you use? What is the funniest joke you know? Will you ever come to Sydney, Australia (please do)? Kendall: Do you think you would have been so successful in modelling if you weren't a Jenner-Kardashian? Do you like Tim Tams? How many Piercings do you have and where do you have them? What is your favorite cosmetics brand? What is your favorite haircare brand? What is your favorite perfume? What tips do you have to get a flat tummy?

  • Ashlyn Harding
    Ashlyn Harding

    What is your favorite lip gloss, eye liner, shampoo, and conditioner?

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    vancouver web design

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  • Spenser

    What are your favorite hair products?

  • Chloe

    What shampoo and conditioner do you guys use?

  • Johanna L.
    Johanna L.

    How do you keep yor lips not chaped ? What do you se ?

  • Emily H.
    Emily H.

    Why did you guys start modeling ? Can you give us any tips ?

  • nikki

    heey dolls, answer this question, WHY ARE YOU SO DAMM BEAUTIFUL !!! grrr, kendall your absoubley stunning, and kylie, your amazing <3 love from australia <33

  • Tyler

    wat r u guys bra size? and can we see them

  • Ryan

    what are your guys bra size? and can we see it?

  • Ryan

    what are your guys bra size? and would u ever switch boobs?

  • Shelby

    What is your secret to your great hair?

  • Sas

    Hey guys its Sas my question is Do u guys fight alot, has it ever been very serious? Luv you :) Take Care <3

  • Sarah

    What is your Facebook, name? For real


    first of all a biggy hi ................u know wat telling honestly ur the prettiest grls i had ever seen in my life i promise .Can u tell sm secret abt that n 1 more question do u like india

  • Annica

    I forgot where I saw it, but it was for her cheerleading magazine cover.

  • Kaci

    You guys are really pretty and I really look up to you! My name is Kaci and I have a little sister Kori! We both watch you on t.v. and watch your music videos. I wish that someday we can meet you!

  • marcus mike
    marcus mike

    where did you see this at i wanna see for myself

  • Charlotte Kardashian
    Charlotte Kardashian

    When are you girls coming to australia??? xoxo

  • Annica

    No, she's not. I saw a video of her telling everyone that she's never even met the guy.

  • Annica

    What are your favorite perfumes/ colognes?

  • Annica

    Do you two wear makeup every single day? If so, who does your makeup and what products do you use? :)

  • Charlotte Kardashian
    Charlotte Kardashian

    Hi dolls, its Charlotte from Australia, massive fan of you both and your amazing family. My question is, how do you socialize with friends in public, do you have the paparrazi after you? please reply xoxo

  • Amber

    Do you guys wear heels to school?

  • jeremy

    FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @YungSed901 !!!!!

  • Sunneva

    Please come to ICELAND !!!! :)

  • Caroline Solomon
    Caroline Solomon

    Heyy Kendall and Kylie!! What is your favorite cosmetic line??

  • Lorena Dujmić
    Lorena Dujmić

    Hi girls my questoin is : What do u want to be when u grow up? :D xoxo Lorena I LOVE U GUYS STAY GREAT <3

  • kiki

    can you give us a room tour ?

  • Kara Jae
    Kara Jae

    Hey girls! My name is Kara Jae and I'm from New York! I was wondering if either of you can define your own style? (i.e. bohemian, malibuesqe, hipster, etc...) And how you put your outfits together (do you wear tons of rings, stack on the bracelets, or just go plain and simple)? Thank you! Have a great day <3

  • kristina

    do u like black people

  • Kiki

    Wud u guy's ever come visit IRELAND it is such a lovely place here and if u guys ever do decide to come u gotta see the cliffs of moher in CLARE ....And surf at lahich beach bother of them places r known !!! The cliffs of moher is 1 or the 7 wonders of the world and lahinch is 1 of the greatest beaches ever plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz anwser xxxxxxxxxx Kiki

  • Jessica Moore
    Jessica Moore

    whats your youtube channel?

  • Mattea

    How do you guys stay so pretty

  • Daniela

    What foundation do you guys use. or powder?

  • Daniela

    Do you guys like Cody Simpson? (like think he's hot?)

  • Tyler Wagman
    Tyler Wagman

    why r u guys so hot

  • Tyler Wagman
    Tyler Wagman

    Can we see your tits

  • Nicole

    Both of you guys are sooooooo pretty ♥ . i love you guys . What Shampoo and Conditionar do you use ???

  • Anna Singankutti
    Anna Singankutti

    heyy, (im from Holland)!! i love you guys and keeping up with the Kardashians!! question: do both of you guys model and does Lamar really have a son named Lamar jr. :) <333 and please reply!!! U guys look gorgeous :) Anna

  • Jennifer Vazquez
    Jennifer Vazquez

    hey i love you guys!!!(: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 and you guys are both beautiful!!(: and my question is if you had to pick one of these people : cody simpson, justin bieber, greysone chance who would you hang out with for one whole day and kiss on the cheeck? and i love for you guys to post on my facebook wall saying something nice about me? also can both of you guys make a video of this comment and BOTH of you guys answer it please:) thank you

  • Katelyn

    Kylie i am 13 like you and love your your fashion sense. I would love to know where you buy your clothes.

  • angel

    you both are perfect and beutiful and pretty i like both of u guys]

  • Ray

    Kendall and Kylie,what is the one word the both of you say A LOT!?

  • miror1

    they r too matured!!!! thier face s not teenager look like :)

  • Churnel Roberts
    Churnel Roberts

    oh and kendall what is ur favarite photo shoot

  • Churnel Roberts
    Churnel Roberts

    what is ur celebrity crush and ur favarite movie, and moviestar.

  • Rhea

    Do you have bieber fever?

  • sss

    kendall has a kardashian nose

  • Mary

    What products do you dolls use for your hair and face?

  • elisa

    do you guys just wear powder on your face??

  • elisa

    whats your makeup routine?

  • elisa

    whats brand of makeup do you guys use?

  • Phelicia Odima
    Phelicia Odima

    1.Any star crushes?Be honest. 2.Do you guys know how to surf?Any interests? 3.You are loved by us lol.Do you love your fans back??:)

  • Vanessa Kardashian
    Vanessa Kardashian

    Wat Shampoo and conditioner do you guys use and like way hair products etc ?

  • Talya Lewis
    Talya Lewis

    When you grow up would you want to follow in the footsteps of your sisters or have a proper professional job?

  • Kamala Suliman
    Kamala Suliman

    Do Khloe, Kim, and KHourtney annoy you or like make you feel stupid in anyway

  • Lexi

    What do yall feel about Justin Bieber? Do you think anything of him? Listen to his music?

  • Leila

    what shampoo do you use?

  • Sam

    Do you ever wish that you were'nt born into a famous family, so you could live as normal teenagers would?

  • Kayla H. Loland
    Kayla H. Loland

    Which one of your older sisters do you look up to the most and why? :)

  • Nicole

    Whats your daily face/makeup routine?

  • Mike

    Kylie, marry me? :)

  • klemen

    Hey. I love you guys, and my question is: Name one country that you haven't been to before, and that you want to visit? :) Greeting from Slovenia, Laporje (google it :) )

  • Jose De Leon
    Jose De Leon

    both are beautiful

  • blake

    have yous ever made out beforee?!

  • velma

    do you have any piercings or tattoos ?

  • joshuea

    what size bra do yous both take?

  • mellisa

    what size jeans do yous both take?

  • samantha

    how tall are you kendall and kylie ?

  • samantha

    do yous wear fake eyelashes everyday?

  • Oksana

    What bag do you guys take to school? Backpack, totebag, or a purse?

  • Jenna

    Looking back at the show, do you guys ever regret anything you may have said or done ? (:

  • prettylssious

    you guys aree really pretty:)

  • Crystal

    Who is your guys' celebrity crush?

  • marcus mike
    marcus mike

    Kendall are you dating Corde Broadus!?!?!?!!

  • Nicole

    does your family have a charity? or give back to those less fortunate?

  • Aly

    Have you ever had a crush on your best guy friend?

  • Lisa

    Do you guys wear extensions or have you ever worn extensions?

  • Aoife

    Which of your sisters style in clothes is most similar to your own?

  • Adam

    do u guys go to malibu beach alot