Kendall Jenner: Taller Than Dad Bruce Jenner? (PHOTO)

Kendall Jenner Taller Than Bruce Jenner

Talk about a growth spurt! Kendall Jenner just Tweeted a pic with her and dad Bruce Jenner, where the 15-year-old looks like she's got about an inch on him.

She did, however, have a little help -- from her designer footwear.

Kendall says: "Just put on my new Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots and I'm taller than my dad...he's 6'2! Crazy! LOL"

The young reality star has been making her mark in the modeling world, so knowing how to get ahead of the competition is a virtue. 

Meanwhile, she and little sis Kylie have been answering fan questions in a video series for Celebuzz. In their most recent Q&A video, the sisters reveal they're allowed to date


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  • Erica Maria Lozano Lopez
    Erica Maria Lozano Lopez

    She's 5"11!!!

  • FRank

    hhahahha nice

  • Chelsea

    she is wearing heels?

  • Nicole

    super cute girl! I just saw a rerun of Kendall practicing walking to be a runway model and she looked extremely uncomfortable!

  • lilmamax3

    Shes wearing heals but shes super tall and beatiful!

  • sona

    i love how close they are!!! <3

  • Jana Privalov
    Jana Privalov

    Cool picture!! :D

  • Katie

    Uh, Hello? She is wearing heels.

  • Ruby

    I think she could go a long way in the modelling world. She's a stunner already.

  • Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel
    Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel

    She looks great!!