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Hi dolls! Just wanted to share my pics from Kim and Kris’s engagement party that I hosted at my house. It was insane how quickly we threw it together — we decided on a Monday that we were going to have it and then it took place that Thursday! We are nuts but we all have such busy schedules that this was the ONLY time we could all do it.

Even with just three days to pull it together, the party turned out fab and Kimmie and Kris loved it, which made me so happy!

Click through the gallery for pics of our closest family and friends celebrating the engagement of the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Humphries :)

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  • maymeeleigh

    love how khloe is still throwing the dance moves out :-)

  • rthydtgh

    Kris is sooooo Gorgeous

  • rthydtgh

    Sucha a cute couple i love yalll!!!! <3

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    Pretty sad that they're spending so much money on this wedding when we all know it's going to end in divorce in a year.

  • kimberly

    Kloe you are my honest and sweethperson with a big are very pretty.may God continue blessing you in all you do.God Bless.your number one fan

  • wess

    You can tell he is bi-racial. His uncle Derrick Humphries is a well known black attorney in Washington,DC.

  • sona

    lol :D liiiiike

  • sona


  • wess

    The guy in the middle of Lamar & Kris is Jordan Farmar. Jordan played for the Los Angeles Lakers and now he plays for the New Jersey Nets with Kris. Jordan is mixed too. His father is african-american and a former baseball player.

  • wess

    Where is Kris' family? His parents and sisters were not in attendance,

  • rasha

    congrats kim!

  • stephie

    she looks so pretty with straight hair! love it.


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