Kim Kardashian Looks LBD Lovely at Noon By Noor Launch (PHOTOS)

Kim & Kris: Couple Pics!
Photos of the almost-newlyweds together!
With her soon-to-be husband in tow, Kim Kardashian worked her red carpet magic once again on Wednesday night.

Kim came out to support the Noon By Noor fashion launch at Sunset Towers in Hollywood, and her man Kris Humphries was by her side to support her. Also in the house? Kim’s good friend Brittny Gastineau and a handful of other celebs who adore the acclaimed designer line.

It’s been a busy week — even busier than usual — for Kim K. On Monday she hit New York City for a few hours before jetting back to Los Angeles for more celeb-related activities. On Wednesday, she worked up a serious sweat with some contest winners, tweeting: “Good workout w @SKECHERSUSA contest winners! They are so cute! Thanks @Gunnar for the tough workout! Now gonna grubbb!”

Kim will reportedly end her week in style with dueling bachelor/bachelorette parties for her and Humphries in Las Vegas this weekend.