Kristen Stewart Says ‘Dawn’ Plot ‘Rooted In a Reality I See Myself In’

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Twilight mania is underway at San Diego’s 2011 Comic-Con, and Celebuzz just got out of the press conference for Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, and trust us, there’s tons of cute stuff coming your way!

We wanted to make sure to get a question to Kristen Stewart about what it was like emotionally this time around. Bella gets married, has an intense honeymoon, gets pregnant, and decides to keep the child when it could ultimately kill her. So how did this heavy material affect Stewart personally? Is it something she could relate to? We’ll let her tell you herself:

“I can’t draw a line between myself and stuff that I do. It’s funny, I don’t want to make it sound like it’s not just about this, but really with everything I do it’s hard to take myself out of it. I’ve been building up to these moments for four years- I was 17 when I started doing this [franchise]. This one really is loaded with those cathartic, impacting, huge life moments.”

She continued:

“And they are not all completely fantasy, they are very rooted in a reality I completely see myself in. Shooting the scenes I kind of had to let myself realize that these moments will find themselves naturally, and I can’t let the book punch me in the face every morning- you have to you know, let the moments happen! And they did.”

“We just went for it, a lot of it is very close to the book and it’s a sincere telling of the story, but at the same time we added bits,” Kristen continued on to said. “There are surprises that surprised me too in the more iconic bits, like the wedding, and at the honeymoon.”

Oscar winning director Bill Condon quickly chimed in:

“There is no bigger fan of Twilight than Kristen. She’s always there saying, ‘I know what that felt like.’ She’s pushing, pushing, pushing to make sure she captures that feeling. It affects her.”

“I feel like that’s such a self-conscience answer,” Kristen said about her long response to our question.

“But it’s true,” defended Condon.

Trust us Twi fans, it is! You can tell by the way Kristen spoke about how passionate she is about Bella, and that she stands behind her characters choices.