Part of ‘Breaking Dawn’ Sex Scene Leaks! (VIDEO)

RPattz & KStew Kiss!
The two stars smooch on set.
A Romantic Timeline
The (possible) romance between Rob and Kristen.
Update: Content remove by request.

To say things get steamy between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in this leaked Breaking Dawn footage would be a complete understatement!

In this quick sneak peek, Twi-hards finally get a look into Edward and Bella’s long-awaited honeymoon. From lingering kisses to passionate embraces, the chemistry between these two practically leaps off the (computer) screen.

Check out the video for yourself above!

Note: Since this is leaked footage, it is highly likely that it will get taken down, so enjoy it while you can!

Kristen opened up a bit about the scene (and the film in general) at Comic-Con on Friday and said:

“We just went for it, a lot of it is very close to the book and it’s a sincere telling of the story, but at the same time we added bits,” Kristen added. “There are surprises that surprised me too in the more iconic bits, like the wedding, and at the honeymoon.”

And while filming a sex scene can be awkward, Kristen said that some scenes with the young actress who played their daughter were difficult as well:

“Occasionally I couldn’t pick up the kid sometimes,” Kristen said, making Rob bust out laughing when she was asked by a reporter what the most awkward scene to film was. “They were different! We have Mackenzie Foy, who is like the coolest kid ever, then we had these other little girls who would play the younger version of Mackenzie … They are bigger than me in some cases.”