Behind-The-Scenes of Rebecca Black’s ‘My Moment’ (VIDEO)

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Rebecca Black is making the most of her 15 minutes of fame and taking cameras behind the scenes of her latest music video “My Moment.” The “Friday” star shows off everything from her wardrobe fitting to her dance rehearsal. It’s clear that Black is only 13 when she gets really excitable talking about her popularity. “I mean to see yourself on TV where everybody is watching and to see yourself in magazines … it’s just so unexplainable. Who gets to experience that?!”

She adds, “It’s just so weird. It’s weird but it’s cool.” Black is one of the latest to step out against bullying, admitting that she too has been bullied. “What you can’t do is let them stop you from what you wanna do.”

The video for “My Moment” dives into the young internet star’s personal life and rise to viral stardom. The video is said to include footage from her last day in junior high school, red carpet appearances and clips from her hosting the MTV Online Music Awards.

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