Robert Pattinson on Kristen Stewart's Inner Nerd: 'She Only Watches the Cooking Channel'

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were on fire at the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 press conference -- Taylor Lautner and director Bill Condon were there too, of course -- but Rob and Kristen especially kept cracking each other up onstage, giving some playful jabs under the table.

One reporter said that Comic-Con brings out everyone's inner nerd, and asked the cast what nerdy thing they learned about each other while filming. Pattinson took the lead: "I don't think Kristen would see this as nerdy, but ... "

"I think I'm always cool," Kristen jumped in, laughing.

"She literally only watches the cooking channel," continued Rob. "Especially onset, she has a TV in the makeup trailer- it's her only diva-ish behavior. Having the cooking channel on all the time in every room."

"You all reap the benefits!" Stewart shouted out, before turning to Mr. Lautner. "Taylor can dance! He can move his hips better than I will ever dream -- literally. It's crazy. You can move, Taylor."

"That's not nerdy. That's awesome," said Rob jumping in.

Some other highlights from the panel: Kristen said her favorite scene to shoot was one between her and Charlie (Billy Burke) before the wedding and R.Pattz said he enjoyed the birthing scene. Still, onset he and Kristen had some baby problems!

"Occasionally I couldn't pick up the kid sometimes," Kristen said, making Rob bust out laughing when she was asked by a reporter what the most awkward scene to film was. "They were different! We have Mackenzie Foy, who is like the coolest kid ever, then we had these other little girls who would play the younger version of Mackenzie ... They are bigger than me in some cases."

"You probably want an answer like 'to do the love scene was weird' but, no," Kristen said to the reporter who asked the awkward scenes question, before trailing off.

Tons more Comic-Con updates to come so be sure to keep coming back to check Celebuzz! In the meantime, watch the Twilight trio work the red carpet in the video below:




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  • Khusnul

    Very cute! Love the colorful, ciurlcar knitted thing (for lack of a better word) you put him in theirs or yours?? So neat to see the babies of people who you photographed their wedding!! And I just love the baby's little curl on the top of his head, adorable!

  • peace

    kristen stewart so pretty :) shes a goddess!!! love her for doing twilight! no one could have done it just sad its finished :'(

  • charley

    Omg are the really with eachother. Cause I hear different stories all the time

  • Celine Ong
    Celine Ong


  • Lídia Silva
    Lídia Silva

    Taylor, es bonito e tal, mas estas a mais aqui xDD Robsten lindooooo!! Isso Kristen, agarra.te a ele! *.* (eu se pudesse faria o mesmo +.+)

  • taylor

    what is comic con

  • karen

    see how tight she is holding on to Rob in the pictures from comic.con,she always holds on tight ,weather its is side or back.They are in love,so stop hating them.....luv you two,and as always my prayers and peace to you and your families and don,t forget to give bear a big hug for me....

  • edwardbella2

    hahaha.... they look cute together!! Rob is awesome!!

  • Camila Camil Camil
    Camila Camil Camil

    omg robsten!!!!!!!!

  • bailey

    taylors so hot

  • oniszko2

    You can see in that video the chemisry these two have, if you want to see another one go to in the search box type cineplex interview comic con 2011 and you will just laugh like you havent in a long time, Robert and Kristen are so funny.........................

  • oniszko2

    If you want to see how in love they are go to youtube and in the search, type cineplex interview comic con 2011 there you will see a new video of Rob and me it is so good and so funny, I think it just might be the only one of them together at cc 2011....go and look at it

  • NobodysAnybody

    i just saw that video ! omg, loved it.

  • oniszko2

    If you want to see how happy Robert looks go over to this site, it's an interview of Rob and Kris alone, it is so funny, I could not stop laughing. It's from yesterday's comic con...Go see and you will see how very happy they are together............Take a moment and go and look....Thank You

  • oniszko2

    Hey Noah, are you not taking your meds again, starting to sound a lot crazy....

  • oniszko2

    I was just watching a video on youtube,of the panel at comic con, they are asking Kristen about what scene she liked the best, she said to taylor and rob it's another scene I don't want to pick out one of you guys, and she grabs robs leg under the table, you can see that she does this and she realizes what she is doing and says ahhhh, lost her train of thought...She forgot where she was for a moment...It was so cute...

  • guest

    I think you're blind

  • ann

    man, if only rob's hair look better, then this would be a good picture of the trio.

  • derp

    aw lol taylor get out of here

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    All of you people who say " well - its obvious that he is uncomfortable or not into her or its over" just by looking at one photo................grow up. You have no idea what you are talking about. There were tons of photos taken - you can't judge anything by a moment captured in time. Its their cumulative actions that matter in the long run.

  • Whattheheck!

    Are your frigging kidding me! Anyone who believes this bull is nuts. Although I must admit it is a nice laugh. But that is all...

  • Noah

    WHOA! I just ran this photo through my TSA airport screening device and sure enough: Rob and Taylor are holding hands behind Kristen's back! [img][/img] So there you have it: Rob and Taylor are officially together. This leaves Kristen Stewart to pursue her romantic interest for Dakota Fanning.

  • Noah

    Can Rob get any more uncomfortable in this photo? It's crystal clear he has no romantic pulse towards Kstew... in fact, I bet he's more interested in Taylor Lautner.

  • simplydiffer

    There is nothing wrong with watching nothing but the cooking channel. Y'all see know how she knows how to cook all that amazing food the cast always talks about.

  • Rita Steele
    Rita Steele

    i think the look on rob face says things are not good.

  • ME

    Not this crap again.

  • May

    From seeing these set of pictures, it shows clearly, Kristen is in love with that boy. Robert Pattinson. I used to think, he loved her more but she is a complete goner.

  • Elena

    I just love them¡¡¡¡ <3

  • oniszko2

    She loves her Robbie....doesn't she......sleeping together does that.....

  • oniszko2

    If you listen to these two speak, and their actions alone you can tell they are in love with each other..He could not wait to get back from Toronto to be with Kris... He has been in love with her for years, I see really good things ahead for these two...

  • Rory

    Uh oh, his body is not turned towards her. She's into him, not he other way around anymore. The worm has turned.

  • Amanda Hasaka
    Amanda Hasaka

    just like liz lemon!