Robert Pattinson Reveals His Awkward Shirtless Moment

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Look out Taylor Lautner, it’s Robert Pattinson’s turn to show off his sizzling six pack. Although he stripped down in New Moon, fans are getting more than an eye full with a hot and sexy love scene in the new film. 

During The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 press conference, when a reporter asked the cast what the most difficult scene to film was, Rob’s answer was contrary to what fans expected. “I was most nervous about taking my shirt off,” he said. The hunky actor definitely didn’t seem shy on the big screen!

But did RPatz actually try to avoid going shirtless?

“Where so much of the books are about Edward’s body, I managed to avoid having my shirt off like the whole series,” Rob jokes around.  “It’s like, how can I swim but wear a tee-shirt. Wear a onesie.”

Rob wasn’t the only person to admit his awkward moment. Kristen Stewart revealed her most difficult scene, saying, “Occasionally I couldn’t pick up the kids sometimes.”

“There were different, we have Mackenzie Foy who is an amazing little kid, the coolest kid I’ve ever met, and smarter than me,” she continued. “Then we had these other little girls who would come into play the younger version of Mackenzie, they are all great, awesome little kids…I looked ridiculous, they are bigger than me in some cases.”

Difficult moments were not the only thing the cast chatted about. When reporters asked what was the most secretive scene they had to film, Kristen responded, ” The wedding was definitely. It was secret-service style insane.”

And RPatz added, “We didn’t have to do anything too intimate with a lot of people around.”

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