Teen Bride Courtney Stodden Calls Hubby Doug Hutchison a 'Tiger' in the Bedroom (VIDEO)

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It looks like the infamous 16-year-old Courtney Stodden and her 51-year-old husband Doug Hutchison are back and ready to talk to the media -- without holding anything back.

The couple, who wed in Las Vegas in June, sat down and talked about everything from Courtney's decision (as a strong Christian) to abstain from premarital sex, what she thinks of her haters, and whether or not Doug thinks the controversial marriage has "killed" his career.

Courtney confesses that her hubby is a "tiger" in the bedroom and gives him a thumbs up. The two also shared a giggle while Doug called her "bad."

And let's not forget about the little Yorkie puppy they passed back and forth during the interview.

For more, watch the video above.

Earlier this week, Celebuzz contacted Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dr. Paul S. Nassif,  who examined Courtney for GMA after critics blasted her for having plastic surgery. After personally looking at her, he says, "I don’t see any signs of plastic surgery." 

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  • tyesenia04

    What is up with her annoying "Mmmm-Hmmmmmm!" every five seconds?! She's trying way too hard to look/act older.....She's just a little brat with no sense. Look at her tryna look all seductive with her lips..... the only look she's achieving is looking like a fake blonde bimbo...

  • Guest

    Try 25 or 30.....

  • Guest

    A porn star in the making!!!!!

  • Sassenach

    The more outrageously idiotic you are in America the more famous you become. Prime example... Kardashians, Octomom, Paris Hilton........and the list goes on and on.

  • Guest 2
    Guest 2

    Am I the only one, or does it seem like the dude is gay? What better cover than marrying a underage bimbo? She wants to be an actress? Better not give up your day job. Oops,you don;t have one, you are an underage twit.

  • Guest

    Who needs to graduate from high school when one is an aspiring porn star.

  • Guest

    Who needs to graduate from high school when one is an aspiring porn star.

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob

    Where's the video?

  • Melania Encora
    Melania Encora

    How is this not illegal? The sad part about this is that this guy, who is an amazing character actor (check him out in The Green Mile), has just ruined his career. He, in his sick and perverted way, probably worships this little trollop, where she is only doing this for the publicity. When this ends... and it soon will, it's not going to be pretty. If he is that infatuated with her - enough to marry her and lose his career, can you imagine what he'll do when she decides to leave him for someone younger... let's say a 48 year old??? Your country (America), never fails to amaze me. Your lack of basic self-respect is overwhelming.

  • AlaBella

    There IS such a thing as too much information. No one needs to know how a 51-year-old perv bangs his 16-year-old nympho teenage wife. The mere fact that they're married to each other is disturbing enough already

  • hailey

    i have a feeling she'll be doing porn once she's old enough! no one should make those faces or those sounds unless their naked and getting rammed by people over twice their age...oh..wait.

  • Ruby

    If she's really 16, she's going to look way past her age when she hits 40. Ewww!

  • Emily Ann Edwards
    Emily Ann Edwards

    your dating a 51 yr old man... hes old enough to be your father you nasty girl.. your 16 yrs old, havent even graduated high school yet!!! filthy