When Bad Hair Happens To Hot Dudes! (PHOTOS)

Joe's Hair Evolution
From buzzed to floppy, all of Joe J's 'dos.
Even the hottest guys in Hollywood have bad hair days.

For example, Rob Pattinson debuted a slightly shaved hairdo while speaking at The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Panel at Comi-Con earlier Thursday (July, 21) in San Diego.

Although RPatz is having a bad hair day, it won’t stop the Twihards from showing their love. As the cast was rushing into the panel an army of fans greeted the Twilight cast. So who are some other hot dudes who have been spotted with bad hair?

Many other hot guys have rocked some pretty outrageous hairdos besides Pattinson. Kellan Lutz recently was spotted on the carpet looking a little well lets just say… Justin Timberlake during the N’Sync days. Also in the gallery that we compiled is Pete Wentz, Tom Brady, Ashton Kutcher and more!