Anne Hathaway Makes a Swimsuit Splash in Italy (PHOTOS)

Anne Hathaway knows how to cool off. The Love and Other Drugs actress flaunted her figure in a '50s-inspired, periwinkle bathing suit while on holiday with her boyfriend Adam Shulman in Capri, Italy.

Leaping from their boat and into the water, Anne showed off some serious diving skills. After the swim, Anne and her beau wrapped themselves in beach towels to dry off -- and weren't afraid to show a little PDA. The couple shared several intimate smooches, so it appears like their relationship is really heating up! Although Anne has remained pretty mum about her current relationship, she recently told Harper’s Bazaar that "so far, it’s worked out great.”

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The actress has become quite a fashion muse. Earlier this month, she was busy, sitting in the coveted front row for several runway shows during Paris Fashion Week, including the Valentino Haute Couture show.

While abroad, she also looked like a fairy tale damsel at the White Fairy Tale Love Ball. Anne wore a floor-length white Valentino gown with waterfall silver ruffles and a summery floral tiara to the event, which was hosted by Anne’s favorite designer, Valentino Garavani, and model Natalia Vodianova.



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  • hmmm

    She is beautiful, just chose the wrong bathing suit.. plus I am sure we see the worst that the paps shot

  • QasimButtar

    clearly see her nipple

  • kewlgirl

    what a hideous bathing suit.......can some1 thow some paint on her she needs some colour she looks so dull and boring -_-

  • Mike Alee
    Mike Alee


  • Peter Marx
    Peter Marx


  • shuturholeup

    such shallow comments.... shes just like everyone else...give her a break!. Girls making the comments -ugly shallow hags to the core. shes not "to skinny" and her boobs are fine to. and @ guys making the comments... Your girl friend - if any of you have one....Probably looks WAAY worse than anne LOL without make up on and wet hair.

  • Kaylee

    Oh and I'm sure you are, a$$hole.

  • jpm

    anne hathaway is hardly a beauty queen

  • Evil Hippie
    Evil Hippie

    what a butt ugly swimsuit!

  • Caye

    These comments are a joke. Anne Hathaway is beautiful and her skin and body are completely normal. Most people have a little darkness under their eyes - it's not ugly, freakish, or abnormal. It's human. She doesn't look like a "wet chihuahua" - more like a normal pretty woman who just climbed out of the ocean. So she's not red-carpet ready - so what? Just because a woman isn't caked in makeup every second doesn't mean she's unattractive. We're so used to seeing actresses and models airbrushed into pieces of plastic that we forget what real human flesh looks like. It's ridiculous.

  • Jimmy D.
    Jimmy D.

    Looks like she is sticking a tube up her backside...

  • rasha

    she look seriously bad in this swim suit.:S although i love ann but this looks horrible.. she has a good body but why this choice of swim suit yakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • navigator

    all the thumbs up!!! miss hathaway is surely a beauty adam shulman is a very lucky man

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    wait & thats the next CATWOMAN < my word -___- thank goodness for the advancements in movies with CGi & such

  • comlax22

    too skinny? She has a normal fit body, she's far from too skinny. Gimme a break.

  • Lisa Flournoy Weiss
    Lisa Flournoy Weiss

    Ummmm, Periwinkle is a bluish lavender color, not the greenish color of her suit.

  • zoe

    she's got massive unknown brand of bags under her eyes

  • anita

    wow, she's so pale

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    wtf? i just don't understand why cool celebs like to ruin their taste :// worst swimsuit she could have picked :// i'll land her my grandma's one it'll be better

  • LolaP

    The crotch looks weird, almost like a cod piece. Don't like it at all.....

  • Lana McNabb
    Lana McNabb

    the crotch area dosent fit... she needs to eat something. and her nips are off.. love her but shes ways too skinny..

  • Dawn Johnson
    Dawn Johnson

    i hate to be a hater but she looks like a wet chihuahua and that bathing suit does her no looks like she has a p*n*s in more than one anne hathaway but these

  • sona

    weird, but thanks, i feel a lot better about my boobies :D ahhahaha joke

  • lola


  • Jen

    Hm, a little.....askew.