Battle of the Hot Chris’! (PHOTOS)

The battle of the hot Chris’ is officially underway! With chiseled bod’s that ladies swoon over and muscular arms that other guys envy, it’s no surprise that these sexy studs have made the list.

First up is Chris Evans, which is only appropriate, as this stud goes shirtless several times in his new flick Captain America (out on Friday). God bless the U.S.A.! Speaking of America, this next hottie makes sure all the laws of the constitution are in order.

Chris Meloni head honcho of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit may have exited the show, but he’ll always have a place in our hearts! Chris Pine has been in a few action flicks, and nothing gets our heart racing more then seeing him jump from trains, or star in intergalactic legacies.

While all these men are quite the fantasy, action star Christian Bale brings Batman alive with his amazing performances in each movie. These Chris’s have been the forefront of so many sci-fi and marvel films. Chris Hemsworth, or should we call him, Thor, tops off this list of hotties by being another sexy shirtless star who graces the big screen with his big — biceps.

We know they’re all hot, but which Chris is the hottest in your eyes? Cast your vote in the poll!