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Lindsay Lohan may be done serving her house arrest, but she’s not getting off that easy! Lilo was ordered to seek counseling by Judge Stephanie Sautner, and has exactly 20 days to do so. The only problem is she says she doesn’t have the money to pay for it.

Well, look no further Lindsay! Call for Therapy is here to help. They are offering 24/7 counseling service over the phone and have people standing by who are willing to make sure she fulfills her probation requirements for free.

But does Lindsay actually get free therapy?

“She can definitely afford Call for Therapy,” says company President David Gonen, M.D. “People usually pay $40 or less per half hour for our phone therapy sessions, which is pocket change compared to your average psychologist’s office.”

Call for Therapy is determined to make an exception for Lindsay. “Our therapists will give her all the help she needs at no cost for the duration of her probation,” Dr. Gonen says.

Lilo gets the chance to speak with a counselor at the comfort of her own home. “”Free unlimited therapy, from any location of her choice, at any time of her choice,” says Dr. Gonen. “She should take us up on our deal.”

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