Because He’s Hot! George Clooney Sports Leather Look for Casual Dinner (PHOTOS)

George's Women
A look back at George Clooney's relationships.
He’s single and hotter than ever! George Clooney was spotted having dinner with a pal in Studio City, CA, sporting a casual but super-sexy ensemble. Even with just a pair jeans, a leather jacket and a T-shirt, this 50-year-old actor can break hearts. 

George is set to star alongside another hottie Ryan Gosling in the film The Ides of March, and Ryan revealed that his studly costar/director is quite the prankster. 

Ryan told EXTRA:

“He will come up to you and tell you something very serious, and then you walk away and you realize your pants are wet. He’s had like an Evian spray bottle. He’s been spraying your crotch the whole time.”

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