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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Stylish celebs like Demi Lovato are no strangers to fashion that makes a statement ... quite literally.

The young star was recently spotted out sporting a shirt from Hanna Beth's Sober Is Sexy line that read: "The Only Coke I Do Is Diet." Other celebs have also jumped on board this latest trend, and Celebuzz is now giving one of our lucky readers the chance to do so too!

The lucky winner will receive not only the same shirt that Demi wore, but also a "Sober Is Sexy" tote bag from the same line. Here's how to enter:

Follow us on Twitter and 'Like' us on Facebook, and then leave a comment below telling us where you'll wear these items to. PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway ends on Friday, July 29th at 9 AM ET.

Good luck and get commenting!


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  • Paige DePalma
    Paige DePalma

    I would wear this shopping, going out with friends, beach, everywhere!

  • Elena Marisol Contreras
    Elena Marisol Contreras

    I LOVE the idea of this shirt and the purpose of the quote. It's inspiring and I would seriously love to have this shirt to inspire other people. Not only is it inspiring, it's really cute! :)

  • Mitch Sazon Stonem
    Mitch Sazon Stonem

    I'd wear the shirt and use the bag as often as possible, to anywhere I'll go to, so I could spread the word while having style. (more like, hitting two birds with one stone)

  • Skylar Leavitt
    Skylar Leavitt

    The bag i'd use every time i go out of the house! XD and the shirt i'd wear it every time it was clean.

  • Becky Finbow
    Becky Finbow

    I would wear it everywhere and anywhere to show people I don't do drugs and To let them know that sober is sexy.

  • Raymond Medina
    Raymond Medina

    I'd wear it to a concert!

  • Shannon Sims
    Shannon Sims

    I'd wear this shirt any chance I get whether I'm bumming it, going shopping in Philly or even when I do photo shoots (I'm an amateur photographer&I'm attempting to model). I'd also wear it at family parties because some of them are recovering addicts and they think this line is a great way to spread the message about staying sober&safe.

  • Grace Hovland
    Grace Hovland

    I'm a fresh out-of-school cosmetologist, and i would love to wear it at work! I think my clients would really appreciate someone who doesn't drink or do drugs. It show I am a responsible adult. also, i'd wear it around the AMAZING city that is Minneapolis, MN.

  • Skylar Leavitt
    Skylar Leavitt

    welp. i'd wear them EVERYWHEREEE dassit.

  • Erin Laidley
    Erin Laidley

    I would wear it everywhere, since it's a cause worth supporting. The bag would replace my current tote bag, which means that it would accompany me on my daily adventures.

  • Tabassum Qurashi
    Tabassum Qurashi

    To the movies. "What kind of drink would you like?" Then I'd show them the shirt. Haha.

  • Joy Ofodu
    Joy Ofodu

    I love this shirt! I'm really big on being drug free, and I would wear it to a concert, or around campus :)

  • Cassidy Crampton
    Cassidy Crampton

    I would wear it on picture day in my school picture. I would also wear it anywhere it could go with practically anything. Plus i would totally introduce this brand to many people who don't know of it once i start a fashion club at my school. I know alot of people who will love it. I know i do.

  • Lexi G-k
    Lexi G-k

    I'd wear that tank everywhere - for comfort and because it sends a message

  • Joana Sousa
    Joana Sousa

    I would wear it anywhere, it's the perfect shirt for Cummer! :)

  • Tiffany April Hopkinson
    Tiffany April Hopkinson

    I'd wear it to any future photoshoots I'd work on so that the models can see that SOBER is SEXY :)

  • Suzie Snowflake
    Suzie Snowflake

    I'd wear these to dinner (and ordering a Diet Coke of course)!

  • danielleakame

    i would wear it biking and to the gym! would maybe inspire some people to be drug free! many people are surprised when they learn that i have never done drugs! i love life way to much to do that shiz!

  • Sigrun G. Ekeland
    Sigrun G. Ekeland

    I can honestly say that the only place I can come up with, where i wouldn't wear it, would be in a wedding. Maybe even there too. I could simply use it anywhere! At work(in a bar), hanging with my friends(shopping, concerts,etc.), at famyily vecations and so on. Love it! The messages on the tee and the tote is so extreamly good!

  • Laura Garcia
    Laura Garcia

    I work at Urban Outfitters, so I think wearing the shirt to work would get it a lot of attention from customers and it's also a great message to promote. It is also fashionable, and what better place to wear it than a fashionable store!

  • mitchieee

    I would wear it everywhere but specially to campus to let people my age know that drinking is not that important and when they ask why it says "the only coke I do is diet" I can answer "because alcohol is not needed to have fun"

  • Claire Simpson
    Claire Simpson

    I would wear the tee shirt to bed, to town, to concerts. i would wear it anywhere because Sober Is Sexy is a really good organisation and teens these days really need to know that being drunk and taking drugs is not the life you want to grow up with, so many people might drink and get drunk at parties, but why be the same as everyone else?be individual and dont drink because it really is a waste of time. So I would wear this top everywhere so the word can get out that SOBERISSEXY :) LIKE THIS PLEASE !

  • Elizabeth Danielle Goad
    Elizabeth Danielle Goad

    pleasee!!! please!!! i have really been wanting one of these shirts soooo bad. my birthday is august 5th!! this is what i really want. i believe being sober is this best thing you can do with your life. there is so many negative influences around me about drugs and alcohol and this shirt and tote would remind me to say no everytime. i would wear it nearly everyday and i would use this bag all the time!! <3 plus it would encourage others to stay sober! and hanna beth is awesome!

  • sixela

    I would wear this shirt anywhere and everywhere - to Jupier and back! I once dated a guy who did cocaine and broke up with him because of it. I would proudly carry the bag to my last year in highschool. I'm proud to be a 17 year old senior in high school who never caved under the pressure to do drugs. I don't do drugs now, I never had the desire to and never will. I'm proud to be sober.. because its healthy and because its sexy (: P.S. - I only drink diet coke too :D

  • Carissa Leigh
    Carissa Leigh

    where would i wear this? everywhere you could ever imagine. the meaning of this phrase means the world to me.

  • Ankit Messianic Maheshwari
    Ankit Messianic Maheshwari

    Done both above steps! Would gift it to my girl friend! She will love it

  • Christine Wangler
    Christine Wangler

    I would use the bag to carry to school when the new semester starts next month :) would wear the shirt any & everywhere! might make a great gym tank, too.

  • Rebecca Alexandra Castro
    Rebecca Alexandra Castro

    I would wear it to start college in the fall. so many people get caught up with partying and getting drunk, and i don't think that's the best decision. i'd rather remember my four years than be hungover for the majority.

  • ilovekardashians44

    I would wear these items anywhere. I absolutely love them so much! Demi looks really fabulous and the shirt has a good meaning behind it. Really clever & really amazing!

  • Emily Solberg
    Emily Solberg

    Where would I wear the tank top? Virtually anywhere and everywhere. Parties to send a message, the beach as a cover up, anywhere in public (probably not a family setting, I don't want little kids questioning what my shirt means). I think it would look great half tucked into a nice pair of destroyed denim shorts, with a pair of black heels, a nice long silver necklace. I'm not afraid to wear my beliefs on my sleeve- literally! [img][/img]

  • spendy21

    I would use it everywhere! But I would love to wear it on August 21st to Las Vegas on my 21st birthday, I would wear it with some shorts and fedora all over Vegas. I would also wear it all over San Francisco, I would proudly wear it knowing its a good message out there!

  • Denisha Peterson
    Denisha Peterson

    i would wear the top out the movies or hanging with friends and the bag to the beach or out shopping

  • rooshababy

    I'd wear it anywhere but specifically around my University because a lot of young people go down the wrong path and I'd love to show, in a fashionable way, that I'm clean and proud.

  • Savannah Allen
    Savannah Allen

    I would wear that shirt everywhere I went, the whole line sends such a great message, especially in a society where being drugged up/drunken is so acceptable.

  • loyaltolovato

    This t-shirt is wearable any time and everywhere. I have suffered with an addiction but not to drugs or alcohol but to other ways of self destruction and this shirt would be a reminder for me to believe in myself and never lose strength. I would wear it around my college and even to parties to stand proud and resist peer pressure to drugs and alcohol. I want to follow the footsteps of my beautiful idol, Demi Lovato and her wonderful new friends who have created this awesome campaign/group to help raise awareness for these issues. I really hope to win this prize, I'd be stoked. Thanks guys!! :D

  • xoxochantelle

    I'd wear these things anywhere and everywhere! The bag would come in handy for when i'm at work, since i'm constantly running to the store and using plastic bags. The shirt, i'd probably get so attached to, that i'd have to buy more since i'd be wearing this one almost everyday, i just love the message it sends out and stands for.

  • Shelby Luong
    Shelby Luong

    I will be wearing it as long as I receive it instantly <3 :) Because I just so love the tee <3

  • meezyrcodie

    I would wear this anywhere and everywhere! On vacation, out with my boyfriend/friends, with family, & most definitely on my pet unicorn! ;D

  • gabberry

    I would wear these things to college, to a concert to show that substances abuse it not right and i just love the shirt. i fell in love with it the moment i saw it and i love hanna beth and what she does. I would wear these items anywhere and everywhere. plus my birthday is July 29th, it is my 18th birthday and these things would be the best gifts ever.

  • chloexbritt

    i would where it to disney world !

  • Lori Ann Clase-dery
    Lori Ann Clase-dery

    Sorry I wrote my comment two times, the last one that I wrote was the one I ment to put

  • Lori Ann Clase-dery
    Lori Ann Clase-dery

    This shirt is wearable at anytime! School,clubbing and outting with friends. School (jeans and flats) Clubbing and Outting with friends (lots of accessories and leggings and to add some punch the kissable bag) First reason I could wear this shirt anywhere because its PERFECTLY made for any events and made to be comfortable and classy at the same time. Second reason is I love the way how sober being represented in this shirt is sexy in a rock n roll edgy way. People should understand that in all surcumstances! With a dad that spend life drinking infront of you at small age you want to prove the world that really drinking is not a way to forget everything, espacially your familly. I learned that "Sober is sexy, and will always be" lori xx

  • Kaylea Stone
    Kaylea Stone

    I would wear them to school to show people abusing drugs is wrong. I would also wear them everywhere else to spread awareness! This is a fabulous line :D

  • Katherine Maddy
    Katherine Maddy

    I would wear it to school to promote to my classmates that Sober is Sexy!!!!!

  • xotaytayxo96

    I would wear it anywhere!! I would wear it to promote drug awareness to anyone who sees the shirt :D Also, it would feel awesome to wear the same shirt as Demi

  • Brooke Valls
    Brooke Valls

    I would wear it around my college! :)

  • Tricia Martin
    Tricia Martin

    I would wear the shirt EVERYWHERE i go. shopping. hanging out with friends. parties, clubs etc.. and i would use the bag everyday, until its worn down and falls apart.

  • armcgregor7

    i would wear it everyday, everywear, for the rest of my life...but i think i would start with my monthly anti drug awarness conventions and meetings, and probably just every public place around!

  • alexa

    I would wear it everywhere or anywhere !

  • Katie Teutenberg
    Katie Teutenberg

    I would wear it anywhere and everywhere. I am all about baggy t-shirts and I loveeeee the sober is sexy line!

  • Ríma Kz
    Ríma Kz

    I would wear it anywhere..literally anywhere..maybe all the time without getting bored from it because 1.hanna beth is one of my biggest idols, i adore her style + the whole clothing line proud not to be one of those girls or boys who are pressured into drink or taking drugs..which happens a lot here .. show some people that there are people like hanna beth who have a great time in live without the drinking and etc maybe to encourage some people to stop drinking..some people think its impossible that a shirt can get them to stop..its not only the shirt that can help them but i think its the whole idea that 3 amazing people made a whole clothing line just to help some strangers 5.its an amazing shirt

  • Evelyn Hernandez
    Evelyn Hernandez

    WHERE WOULDN'T I WEAR THIS!!!!! LOL <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Jenna Ybarra
    Jenna Ybarra

    I would wear this tee around my university. I am going to be a first year student at Parsons the New school of Design. I understand that students think college life will only be fun with drugs and alcohol, but maybe I can make a differance in this theory of theirs since, I've seen with my own eyes what it could lead up too. addictions.

  • Lexi Torres
    Lexi Torres

    I would literally wear this everywhere because i am in love with the shirt and never had the money to get it. i really want this shirt because i know a lot of people that struggle with drug problems, and i am always their care taker in trying to get sober. So wearing this shirt would mean that i could poke fun at something and then use it to start a serious conversation about quitting. I think its perfect.

  • Maite De Pablo
    Maite De Pablo

    i would wear this t- shirt EVERYWHERE. it's amazing and very fashionable. i love it and omg the bag is so cute <3

  • Becky Humphreys
    Becky Humphreys

    I would want to wear it everywhere but most def when i go out to bars in Atlantic City and Philadelphia.

  • Lori-Ann

    This is an all time shirt, you could wear it anytime. Going to school(jeans and a pair of flats), going out "clubing,friends place,restaurant" clubing you should wear a pair a legging that could stand out the shirt and lots of accesories same thing with restaurant and friends place. I feel that you could wear this shirt everywhere because first of all it is PERFECt for any kind of outting and plus its a goodway to show example of being sober in a class rocknroll way. Sober is sexy anywhere anytime xx

  • Nicole Wakefield
    Nicole Wakefield

    I would wear the top and tote to class here in Florida at my Music school. My classmates and I are working hard in order to join the music industry whether it's sound, light, video, management, etc. It is stereotypical for many in the music industry to get caught up in the rockstar "sex, drugs and rock n roll" life, that I believe the Sober is Sexy line is a great reminder for my classmates that sober is indeed sexy!

  • cindya

    Facebook: Cindy A. Twitter: @normawatson To see Foo Fighters and Social Distortion! I'm so excited I could burst into a thousand pieces of Footos! ;)

  • Victoria Price
    Victoria Price

    I'd use the bag as my everyday bag. Id wear the top as much as i could wherever possible!! I've a lot of friends who think its the best thing ever to go out and drink, get drunk and take drugs, and im the only one who doesn't drink or take drugs and my friends all think im weird cos i am legal to drink. So i think it would be important to show everyone where i live including my friends that being sober is sexy and you don't need alcohol or drugs to fit in!!

  • Felicity 'Fliss' Summerfield
    Felicity 'Fliss' Summerfield

    I would wear the T-Shirt pretty much everywhere lol its my kinda style but the place i'd really want to wear it is when i go on holiday to Cornwall w/ my boyfriend in September i'd wear it w/ my denim shorts,either my short cropped leather jacket or my black denim jacket a bit like Demi's and my military/worker boots or uggs and my new cowboy style hat...perfect for going for lunch or for a walk around the cliffs or the beach!!! I'm SO excited for this holiday!!!!!

  • emorgan223

    I'd totally wear this to a club or a bar, its chic and fun and I do have a serious addiction to Diet Coke.

  • imm333

    As a photographer I'd definitely dress one of my models in your shirt. I guess it's one of the best ways to get noticed as a brand, original photoshoot, pretty girl in a great shirt with such a positive message. But hey, that shirt would be primarily mine, so I'd just try not to wear it 24/7 - as I'd really like to! I'd wear it for some gigs, that's for sure, it would fit just perfect, for I'm straight edge (for one year now, that would be also a great anniversary gift!) & I go to lots of hardcore shows.

  • Caitlin Melo
    Caitlin Melo

    I would wear this ANYWHERE!! Love it!! You could pull of any look; casual during the day or dress it up a little more for night!

  • Nadia Karjadi
    Nadia Karjadi

    i would wear it to my very first Alesana concert in september!!! because seeing their concert is my dream and im also a big fan of hanna! ive always wanted to buy sober is sexy but im afraid the shipping to indonesia will cost a lot :(

  • Becky

    I would wear it everywhere nd anywhere to show people I don't do drugs and that sober is sexy.

  • minette

    i would wear them on any night out. why? because i just everyone to see and envy my amazing tee and bag and ask me "where did you get it?". ;)

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    I love this because I have never tried any drugs and I drink Diet coke daily. Ha! I would wear this anywhere, except for a job interview of course!

  • Kristena Ducre
    Kristena Ducre

    I think the message of this top is awesome. I, personally, love to go out with my friends and have fun and hate that it's implied that if you like to go out and party, you must do drugs. The best fun is fun that you can remember and that you get to experience with clarity. For that reason, I'd wear this top out clubbing. I think it would make a great tongue-in-cheek statement that partying is not synonymous with doing drugs. This top with a cute pair of black skinny jeans, black heels and a tough leather jacket would be a perfect going out look!

  • CoCo Jem
    CoCo Jem

    i would definitely love to wear this with 5 " black platform shoe! i ♥ black and white! i ♥ fashion! i ♥ being SEXY! raise ur hands girls! ♥♥♥

  • ritadaville

    I would wear this anywhere I go and remind myself being drug free is great and sober is sexy lolz Stay away 4rm peer pressure and promote it to others to do the same. I would wear it 24/7 lolz I really look up to you Hannah and your amazing style ...I would really love to own one of your clothing line pieces that would be freakn awesome!!!!!!! [img][/img]

  • Nina Meester
    Nina Meester

    I would wear it everywhere I can, just to show it everywhere like when I'm going to shop in big cities, when I'm with my friends, when I'm at school. I'm a very stylish german girl, so I really should get this. This shirt fits to me in my opinion and these bag is sooo cute. And btw, I love Demi Lovato a lot, she's a rolemodel for me in some ways and to have a shirt that she has would make me very lucky. I want this package pleaseee! :)

  • Sarah Hildebrand
    Sarah Hildebrand

    I would wear this around my kids to set an example.

  • Maxine Tapanes
    Maxine Tapanes

    I would wear this when I go out to parties and clubs, just to show people that they don't have to be on drugs to have a good time. Being sober is sexy. <3

  • Weronika Ścierańska
    Weronika Ścierańska

    I would wear this shirt everywhere, 'cause people will see this shirt and message Sober is sexy is using, right? People have to think before they act, and it's the best way to share.

  • Salina Prak
    Salina Prak

    I would pretty much wear it everywhere :]

  • aurevoirsimone

    I'll be hitting the streets of New York City pretty soon and definitely need some nice clothes for my vacation - this shirt would be perfect!

  • Shelby Mills
    Shelby Mills

    Hmm I followed on Twitter and liked on Facebook! I would wear this on a special occasion or anywhere for that matter. I've been wanting some Sober Is Sexy stuff for a while and my mom has never really got around to buying it. So this would be amazing! <33 xoxo

  • Xi Sam
    Xi Sam

    This top and tote practically sums up the edgy style I go for.perfect to toss on with ripped shorts and chanel perfume.would wear it for a night out at a music festival ,camping with a group of mates.ironically i dont drink-dream tee and tote,yes SOBER IS SEXY xx

  • Tammy

    This top and bag practically sums up the edgy style I go for.SO perfect to throw on with ripped denim shorts,jeffrey campbell litas and a spray of chanel perfume out to an musical festival ,spending the night camping out with friends. ironically I dont drink ,dream tee and tote ,yes I belive SOBER IS SEXY xx

  • loz1211

    I will wear this to gigs that I go to! So sick of people getting wasted at gigs and turning arrogant/into assholes. JUST ENJOY THE MUSIC PEOPLE! Shows are not the place to drink and the shirt looks rockin' too ;) SOBER IS SEXY!

  • Grex Hdez
    Grex Hdez

    I'd take the tote everywere, it's useful and I can give a message anywhere I go :) I can't wear the shirt everyday because it would smell bad (ew) so I would wear it to public events, mostly parties!

  • Amy Voges
    Amy Voges

    I've loved this shirt since the first time I saw it! so freakin cute :D I'd wear it to shows or out shopping around town :]

  • kclarksonfnatic

    i would wear these items around my college campus. I go to school in the south so the tank top is weather-appopriate and sends out a positive and important message for college students. The bag will also be useful to carry my books in to and from the library and class. The bag can also be great to carry my towel in to the levees when all the other students are daydrinking. I am also addicted to diet coke so im OBSESSED with the shirt

  • candibird

    I would wear these items to school to work to the movies to anywhere I went. I would also wear them around the house. I currently live in a house with a drug addict. Its a very stressful enviornment. I wanna let everyone I know how dangerous drugs are and how you'll end up if you do them. Thats why and where I would wear them. <3, SOBERISSEXY!

  • Julie Oberman
    Julie Oberman

    I would wear these pieces to all the shows I go to. I would love to wear it at the free shows at the Hammer in Westwood in Southern California, Coachella in April, and Outside Lands when I visit home in August! Throughout life, my friends have struggled with substance abuse and I have always been the one to stay clean. The perfect campaign to support and look sexy doing it! <3 Sober is Sexy

  • Amy Lee McGovern
    Amy Lee McGovern

    I'm starting college in the fall and (coming from an all girls catholic school w/ uniforms) desperately need cute clothes! I would wear this to class/out at night in the city

  • Debbie Whitely Warren
    Debbie Whitely Warren

    I would wear it everywhere!! As a mom of three would send a positive message to my kids and that is way kewl!! :-)

  • blakdalia

    Warped Tour is coming to my city in a few weeks and I would be super stoked to show off the Sober Is Sexy gear out there!! This rad shirt is just right for the hot weather out there & the tote would be perfect to put all the merch and goodies in.I want show others that u can rock the SOBER way<3

  • Ana Clara Rezende
    Ana Clara Rezende

    Sober Is Sexy is perfect to use in somewhere, night or day!

  • dsweetness

    Let me wear this on Aug 6, Hard Summer! (:

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    i would wear the bag anywhere except school, but i won't wear the shirt even if anybody made me, and by the way demi lovato isn't stylish

  • Eunises Ruiz
    Eunises Ruiz

    I would wear like crazy, to the mall, watching tv, in bed, ect..... i would uwear the bag everyday to skool, i would also use it a purse, :D DAMN I WOULD WEAR IT EVERYWHERE TO SHOW DRUGS MEAN NOTHING, AND THE SOBER IS SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica Diamond
    Jessica Diamond

    Awesome. But I already own that shirt and it's one of my favorites (:

  • Jimena Gutierrez
    Jimena Gutierrez

    I will rock it on my next appointment with the psychiatrist where my pills adiccion started and ended.

  • Toni 'Regina Phalange' McGowan
    Toni 'Regina Phalange' McGowan

    I would wear this t-shirt and drugs is a major issue in my city, even between my friends. So maybe, the slogan on the t-shirt, as witty as it is, would inspire my friends to stop the drugs. Hopefully. What you're doing is a great thing and I hope to be a part of it; if not winning the t-shirt, maybe buying it and spreading the message as I'd rather wear a t-shirt and perhaps be laughed at by the message than see one of my friends ending up for worst...

  • Nikki A Stats
    Nikki A Stats

    Well I'm a culinary art student and I would wear it because it has a little chef humor in it too

  • Emillie Marvel
    Emillie Marvel

    There's no where I wouldn't wear this shirt. I would wear it everywhere, honestly, to help promote the cause. The purse would become my primary bag, and the shirt would be worn every time it was clean. I'd wear it to auditions (I'm an actress), concerts, shopping, etc. I would love it up, for sure!! :D XOXO, Emillie

  • Monica Condurache Santafianos
    Monica Condurache Santafianos

    i would wear this going on my dream vacation because i would feel very fashionable and confindent knowing that iam styled to perfection

  • Olivia Valencia
    Olivia Valencia

    Love It

  • juliannex18

    I would wear it anywhere! I love this line it's perfect for a night out or at the beach!

  • Estefany Castro
    Estefany Castro

    I would wear it to church, to school, and practically anywhere. I want to walk in the room and for people to read my shirt and be like wow. hehe. (: Every one thinks that because you live in Miami you do drugs, and that;s not true, It would be cool to stand out and say hey I'm drug free!

  • Kari Fisher
    Kari Fisher


  • Crystal Maggio
    Crystal Maggio

    I would wear it everywhere :]

  • Bénédicte Marie-laure Geedts
    Bénédicte Marie-laure Geedts

    i have tons of shirts like that, it would be a special one for my collection ;)

  • Heather K. Hyde-Herndon
    Heather K. Hyde-Herndon

    I would wear this to my next family reunion as a reminder that I'm not that same crazy girl they all once knew. I'm a whole other kind of crazy now! ;-)

  • Jihan Yerik Novikov
    Jihan Yerik Novikov

    i will wear it to campus so everybody will notice my shirt and can't take their eyes off of that shirt :)

  • mirandamasias

    I would wear it basically everywhere I go. Especially when i'm out with my friends who make the choice to do drugs and drink. I want to show off the fact that i'm sober, and i'll never give in when they try and offer me drugs/alcohol. To show them that Sober is in fact sexy.

  • Neeka Stewart
    Neeka Stewart

    As a music lover I got to a LOT of concerts. The Sober is Sexy shirt would be the perfect shirt to wear to shows because 1. its not too hot. 2. its such a rad campain to support. Sober is sexy is such a great message. Especially in the music scene, because in the music scene that I'm into there is a heavy emphasis on partying and not just drinking, but getting completely wasted when people do. I personally don't drink at all and I don't think it makes having fun with my friends any more fun than it already is honestly. Having people in my family that drink to have a good time, and knowing what it's like for them to be completely wasted when they do makes this campaign speak VERY attractive to me. So if won this shirt, I'd be wearing it honestly everywhere! haha :) -sober is sexy <3

  • Tanika Johnny
    Tanika Johnny

    I would totally wear this to a party or Concert. I'd probably just end just end up wearing it everywhere! : )

  • Veronika Lomakina
    Veronika Lomakina

    I will wear it when I'm out, its a great tee for the summer and has a very positive message!

  • Romina Francisca Büchert Vargas
    Romina Francisca Büchert Vargas

    definitely everywhere because i could style up any outfit with a pice of this clothing besides i'll be promoting a good cause, hugs from Chile!

  • linds82

    I would wear this anywhere I promote a good band and/or musician; venue, party, mixer, etc :)

  • Faith Halbert
    Faith Halbert

    I know that everyone answered with everywhere, but LITERALLY I would wear this everywhere. I live in San Diego and I'm constantly traveling to L.A. and S.F. and of course many other places. I'd definitely rock that tote at the beach, perfect beach bag! I'd wear the shirt to shop, social events, the beach, downtown, around the house, at school, in different cities, I wanna rock this tee everywhere. My friends and I often do photoshoots as well, I'd love to rock this tee in a photoshoot :) XOXOXO, stay sober<3 I hope to win because, well sober is just sexy :D

  • hannahrjones12

    I would wear both the shirt and the bag as soon as it gets washed. I feel like sobriety is such an important topic to discuss now a days. SO many deaths happen from drugs. Live's are ruined from doing drugs and I think it would be such an eye opener to anyone that I walk by. I would spread the message of being sober and how sexy it is! Life's could be saved just from your campaign and I feel that that is SO inspirational. I myself, have convinced myself that I would one day do drugs. I changed my mind because I realilse how idiotic that sounded. Sober is the new black.

  • Amelia Pass
    Amelia Pass

    I would wear the shirt and tote anywhere and everywhere because i heard it's the comfiest shirt you'll ever wear.. and to also show my friends where they're from so that they can all get shirts and we can all be sober and sexy all at the same time ;)

  • Angie Ellis
    Angie Ellis

    I would probably wear the shirt to work- photographing local bands ;)

  • Jenna Hope Chism
    Jenna Hope Chism

    I'd wear this shirt everywhere! Warped tour, shows, and all around portland, and California when I move down there soon! :)

  • Brianna Nivinski
    Brianna Nivinski

    I'd where the shirt everywhere because I love diet coke with a great passion and life's too short to miss it not being sober!!

  • Kirsten Chappell
    Kirsten Chappell

    I will wear it everywhere - I don't drink or do drugs and would love to advertise that!

  • Remi Forrest
    Remi Forrest

    Where would I wear these? Everywhere! I would wear the t-shirt to any place, it doesn't matter where. it could be dressed up with some heels like the ones Demi is wearing in the picture, which I also have. Or it could be dressed down with some leggings and may be a pair of black high top converses. I would use the bag for a casual outing. with friends; shopping, to the cinema, just chilling or grocery shopping to be more environmentally friendly, instead of using plastic bags. The t-shirt really promotes a healthy yet fun message that I want to help spread. I would love the chance to win the top and bag. I love Hanna Beth and Demi's style and would love the opportunity to put my own twist on the the looks they did. All the way from London, England, Remi. P.S. please choose me!

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez

    Just pick me. I'm cute.

  • wheat636

    I'd wear it shopping, eating dinner, to the movies, playing with my dog, anywhere!

  • ricardinbri

    to a fun SOBER and SEXY night out! just like Demi right there!

  • Jd Drenchek-Scavo
    Jd Drenchek-Scavo

    I would wear these everywhere! Follow on twotter @mellanhead and like on fb (jd drenchek-scavo)

  • Mia Roughton
    Mia Roughton

    I would wear the shirt & the tote bag anywhere & any day, because I want to tell people that it's more than okay to say no to drugs & alcohol! To be sober (& straight edge too for that matter) is to be strong. I want to raise awareness & I think that wearing trendy clothing pieces is a great way to do that, while looking hot as hell! (The tote bag is by the way the coolest bag I've ever seen, I'm craving it sooooo bad!!) Sober Is Sexy is more than a fashion statement, it's a movement. I want to be a part of that movement, because I am sober & sexy! I want to wear the clothes & share the idea with everyone around me. <3

  • ambermiller86

    I would wear this out and about everywhere I go! It would give me a chance to show that doing drugs/drinking is NOT cool!!!

  • Rosa Elena Lopez
    Rosa Elena Lopez

    I'd wear is anywhere and everywhere! I'd wear is around my college campus, to concerts, to the store to run errands, to the mall to shop, even to bed! Not only does this shirt pass along a fantastic meaning it is so fashionable and trendy! As a person who use to have an addiction i could wear this shirt loud and proud to show everyone that SOBER IS SEXY!!! It would go perfect with my sober sexy lips tattoo that i recently got! I really wanna thank Hanna soooo soooo much for creating this, not only is it a rad clothing line but it's a movement and raises awareness!! <3 <3 <3

  • heartentire

    I would wear the shirt and or tote any where any day, to work, to an outing, around my house. I already wear my "dont die" crop top by Sober is Sexy just about every day, AND i was waiting till today (pay day) to actually go online and order this exact tank, not lying. The fact that I found this link on Hanna Beths twitter is a very strange exciting coincidence. Not that I mind paying, but it would be really nice to not have to and win a tote along with it. Plus if I won Id probably just use the money I was going to spend today to buy another shirt lol. Any way I would definitely make good use of this shirt, probaby wear it too much but thats ok. PS. or I would wear it to the teen choice awards if I were to win the contest to go with hanna... hah

  • ecaterina29

    like u on facebook and follow u on twitter i see the shirt is sleeveless so i would wear it as an everyday shirt since it's so hot i need sleevesless shirts right now. the tote bag i would take with me every time me and the kids go out. put some of their items in there instead of me holding it in my hand. it would be perfect!

  • Sharmarie Burdin
    Sharmarie Burdin

    I would wear this shirt all over my college campus. We are always having campaigns about staying drug free so a shirt like this would bring others to wear Sober is Sexy clothing becaus there clothing is amazing.

  • Evie Cooper
    Evie Cooper

    I'd wear it EVERYWHERE! To concerts, at uni, hanging out with friends, interviewing bands, photoshoots, random adventures in different cities!:)

  • Lexy Archer
    Lexy Archer

    i would wear the top to school/shopping! Id pair it with a jean jacket vest and skinny jeans with combat boots and with bunch of long and short necklaces and feathered earrings. And i use the toe bag as my everyday backpack for school, or as my everyday bag to change it up!

  • Lauren Shockley
    Lauren Shockley

    i would wear mine to concerts, out with friends, and definitely at my college. at least 80% of my school are drug addicts, and it would be nice to stand out with this shirt. and, if i owned the tote bag i could just carry my books the fashionable way instead of bookbags! also, it will be a reminder to look at each time an opportunity arises. and, to walk through my neighborhood wearing those babies, i'm not afraid to show i'm not cocaine or anything like the people i know.

  • Sarah Sabatti
    Sarah Sabatti

    I'll wear these items mostly for party because thats where staying sober is important, and maybe in my daily routine for a casual look (because besides the message, the design of Sober Is Sexy items is pretty rad) that will remind me daily of being sober and still look good in a casual day!

  • Warren Reid
    Warren Reid

    I would wear it on an AA meeting! :)

  • Casey Coulthard
    Casey Coulthard

    I'd wear the shirt all the time. To go out shopping, to go out with my friends or to gigs and things like that. I'd wear it with literally everything! The bag would be perfect to use for school and for taking things to my friend's house when I stay there. I'd also use it when I go shopping because I'd be saving the environment by not using plastic bags, yay!

  • Suellen Dutra da Silva
    Suellen Dutra da Silva

    I will use watching "Teen Choice Awards", seeing Demi Lovato win♥ I'll have that shirt!

  • Suellen Dutra da Silva
    Suellen Dutra da Silva

    I will use watching "Teen Choice Awards", seeing Demi Lovato win♥ I'll have that shirt.

  • Gabby-Ray Cyrus
    Gabby-Ray Cyrus

    I would wear these items to school & also if i go out with friends. The reason i will wear to school is because i am not ashamed to say that i don't drink or do any type of drugs. In High school it may seem like to be cool you have to do things but i am don't find cool at all because coming from a non sober family & seeing the affect that it has on people you love open my eyes to realize this is something i would never want so i would never do it. People ask me all the time how do i have fun without drinking when i go out with friends & see people doing it & i response with have you been sober & had fun before & they said yea my point exactly.Some feel that i left out because i don't do drug or drink which is not the case at all i am apart o it someway just not the way that in vole drinking & doing drugs. If i had this shirt & tote bag it will show me having a good time at party ,out with friends etc & people will ask question & i will proudly tell them about the sober is sexy line & movement . This is where & why i would wear the shirt & tote bag to school & party, out with friends or just around my block even take a picture wearing it & posted on my facebook page i am not ashamed of the choice i made not to drink i am Proud !!!

  • Melissa Tapia
    Melissa Tapia

    I would wear this to disneyland and freak all the parents out :). It's a cute top and i'll also wear it to the mall.

  • Nikki Volpi
    Nikki Volpi

    I work at H&M and I would totally wear it to work ! :D Maybe even do a photoshoot in it !

  • Roberta Attard
    Roberta Attard

    I will wear them to any place i go, but especially i will wear to a demi lovato's concert if i ever go to one :)

  • Liisi Leier
    Liisi Leier

    i would wear them everywhere because i would be soo happy that i won :D:D

  • Laura Goodwin
    Laura Goodwin

    I would wear the top on the plane to Florida for my 16th birthday in 3 months and a day :) i love both Hanna Beth and Demi Lovato their my idols. <3

  • slickjiggly

    I will wear it to concerts and anytime I out at bars and clubs here in VA. :)