Kim Kardashian Steps Out in Turquoise (PHOTOS)

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In a lovely jewel-toned summer dress, Kim Kardashian was snapped as she left her house  in L.A. on Friday.

With wedding planning, shooting a show and running a major empire, Kim's got a busy summer ahead of her!

Recently, Sears announced they were teaming up with the Kardashian sisters and launching the Kardashian Kollection. You will soon be able to dress like the Kardashians for an affordable price -- how awesome is this?

We're just loving Kim’s breezy summer look -- what do you think? Hit us up in the comments below.

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  • Katlego Katty Moya
    Katlego Katty Moya

    yol r fabulous

  • sabrina

    maybe she's pregnant?

  • nightowlie

    She looks like a REAL woman to me!

  • nightowlie

    I agree...Kim is gorgeous with or without make-up! Amazing skin!

  • Shannon

    I've seen Kim on Keeping up with the Kardashians, without make up & she is beautiful without it! & she became famous because she was a fashion stylist for celebrities like Paris Hilton, not just because of the sex tape.

  • Leah Lindsey
    Leah Lindsey

    I agree. I don't think I have ever seen her this heavy. She used to have an unbelievably beautiful little body. She looks about 40 years old now but i think shes younger. I don't know. I don't get what happened? I would've loved to see her slimmer for wedding photos. It's saddening. Now I don't really want to see them. Sorry.

  • DDDsGirl

    I've seen Kim without makeup and believe it or not, she looks much better without it, not that I think she's ugly with it. All the sisters have long hair, but add extensions for volume. They may wear lash extensions to enhance their natural ones, but when you see pictures from their childhood, you can clearly see they have naturally long lashes. Some celebrities are majorly enhanced for the camera, but just as you see any regular person on the street that are truly gorgeous, so are some you see in the media.

  • DDDsGirl

    She began being noticed because she was hanging out with Paris Hilton. The paparazzi wanted to know who was the hot brunette with Paris. After finding out she was Robert Kardashian's daughter, they began zeroing in on her and that is how her fame began.

  • iluvthekardashians

    so wat if she has extentions or not watz it to u??

  • Ajit

    hey jenny waz up..?

  • Brittany Ariel
    Brittany Ariel

    The reason for their family's fame is brand representation in a business savvy world. You may see them in pictures but you don't know how hard they work, Kim especially. It does help that these woman are unbelievably gorgeous. The Kardashian's are full time business woman, who run major multi-million dollar franchises and campaigns. Beauty just gives them a step up. An as a woman I personally see nothing wrong with that. Only people who do are men.

  • ajr32010

    and im not saying she is fat or that she doesnt look goood...because she does look good. i just expected her to be a lot slimmer since her wedding is coming up.

  • ajr32010

    kim wanted to lose weight for her wedding...her wedding is coming up, and she looks bigger then ever.

  • Maria

    Call me crazy but I think she really looked amazing in this photo as with most of her other pictures! Fat legs, botox or whatever you're talking about; she is really rocking that dress and oh those shoes! You have got to love the shoes! Anyway Kim looks great as does Khloe!

  • rasha

    so what? there is people that have many other connexion with media strong connexion more than this and couldnt be famous..there is smthg abt this family?? i cnt beleive its just for this reason they r famous come on!! STEPHIE thats right..she was..thats another reason.and Bruce won some olympic price in some sport..the sex tape or nude pix i guess thats 4reasons... i think shes beautiful and she know how to get what she want..she know how to keep the media interested in her,.,, and now shes rich.,.smart girl..keep it up

  • stephie

    She looks sooo pretty with straight hair!

  • stephie

    I thought she made her way in into the media for being seen with Paris Hilton? And she's just so damn hot..the media kept following her?



  • jenn

    her dad was OJ simpsons lawyer

  • Julianna

    If you don’t like Kim Kardashian, do not look at her pictures and talk shit about her. It only makes you look stupid. So shut up, and get a life. Plus, she is not fat! She’s a curvy lady,what do you except for her to be super thin. Next time when you have the courage to talk shit about some one, why don't you use spell check and attend an English course so you can speak and write proper English. Have a nice day, Doll.

  • Julianna

    If you don't like Kim Kardashian, do not look at the pictures and talk shit about her. It only makes you look stupid. So shut up, and get a life. Stop talking about Kim, she is not fat! She's a curvy lady,what do you except.

  • Christina

    I would like to know what designer is she wearing?

  • Chazzy

    There famous because there dad was a up there lawyer, and also kims sex tape, and how she went out with that regee bush guy, so thats how shes famous.

  • Nicole

    I see a pooch, better work on that

  • rasha

    these are called extensions dude

  • rasha

    i wanna know too it just abt the sex tape? how did she become so famous ?i really wanna know,... if someone know plz let us know

  • Kat Nimac
    Kat Nimac

    I think Kim is indeed a beautiful woman, even without the makeup, but: why, and im asking seriously. why is she famous? what has she done to become famous? was it the sex tape?

  • Jenny

    what a fat and ugly legs like a cow. go for runing and stop eating, make up or botox cant hide everything. U look like pig on hels. Read some book fake idiots, witha botox face and breast! look its not everything in life.

  • Spencer

    i wonder what this chick looks like when you take off the hair extensions, the fake lashes and wipe off the 30 pounds of makeup from her face. I really would like to see that.

  • jp

    didn't she cut her hair the other day....what a fake....

  • sona

    it's the dress, she did not got fat, i think

  • Louise Mcfarlane Bonner
    Louise Mcfarlane Bonner

    like d bag khloe can i get it lol

  • Louise Mcfarlane Bonner
    Louise Mcfarlane Bonner

    very pretty kim love d dress girl lol

  • valinor

    I really like the dress, and Kim looks gorgeous

  • Kethan

    Grade A stuff. I'm unuqestoinlaby in your debt.

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    i loved the shows but it didn't match the dress which is really strange and not cool color

  • Bénédicte Marie-laure Geedts
  • Twig

    Um, that's not Khloe

  • Tony Gentile
    Tony Gentile

    I'm not the paragon of fitness I once was, so I don't say this to be critical or cruel... but for a celeb less than a month before what will be her very publicized wedding... she has a rather pronounced bump/pooch. Maybe, like me, that's one too many late night snacks and not enough time in the gym... but it sure lends cred to the bun-in-the-oven rumor...