‘True Blood’ Studs Alexander Skarsgard vs. Ryan Kwanten: Who’s Hotter? (POLL)

Obsessed: Ryan Kwanten
CB's exclusive chat with the 'Blood' hottie.
If you’re a True Blood fan, than you’ve certainly seen these two hotties shirtless, but you don’t see them together too often. In a rare (and spectacular) occasion, Ryan Kwanten joined fellow sexy man Alexander Skarsgard for a Summit Entertainment party held during Comic-Con Thursday night. 

Both boys were sporting some sexy stubble for their night out in San Diego, and we’re nice enough to pose for these pics. After close examination, who do you think is the hottest: Alexander or Ryan? Vote on the poll and leave us a few comments! 

While True Blood has been a huge success (despite the Emmy snubs), Alexander revealed to Vogue Magazine that he wasn’t immediately sold on taking the role. The actor admits that at first, he wavered on whether he wanted to play the sexy vampire Eric Northman. “I was nervous about doing a TV series, because I wasn’t sure I wanted to play the same character over and over.”

However, his success on the small screen is getting recognized. He received an honorary degree from the Leeds Metropolitan University in England on Wednesday. Check out the pics below!

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