2011’s Hottest Celebrity Bikini Bodies — So Far! (PHOTOS)

Coco's Teeny Bikini
You can't wear less without it being illegal.
Summer is officially here! With the crazy heat that has been rolling through, slipping into a teeny bikini seems like the only way to cool off. With July underway, our favorite A-listers have been seen sporting bikinis that show off their amazing bods.

There has been an overload of ladies seen frolicking on the beach so far this summer — not that we’re complaining. Tyra Banks stepped out, showing off the curves that made her famous. Everything Sel-go has been trending lately, and her itsy bitsy bathing suit is quite the fashion statement. Whitney Port has also proved that summer isn’t the only thing that’s been hot lately.

And speaking of itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis, Coco is most famously known for her body, that she proudly struts around this summer. Other celebs have also been spotted, such as Eva Longoria and Jennifer Aniston. 

Now that more stars have been taking advantage of the hot summer weather, Celebuzz made sure to update you on the hottest bikini bodies.

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