Forever 27 Club: Musicians Who've Passed at Age 27

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It's called the greatest myth of rock n' roll, and upon hearing the tragic news that Amy Winehouse passed away at age 27, we can't help but wonder if the curse of 27 is real. The curse has been labeled the Forever 27 Club, or Club 27, as over 34 musicians have died at this age -- including Kurt Cobain (1994), Jim Morrison (1971), Jimi Hendrix (1970) and Janis Joplin (1970). 

Amy is the most recent troubled singer to join this "club." She was found dead in her North London home, just shy of her 28th birthday (which would have been on September 14) .  In honor of these brilliant artists, we look back at their legacies that they managed to accomplish in 27 short years. 

Amy Winehouse reportedly passed away of a drug overdose on Sunday, July 23. Tragically and ironically her most famous song was "Rehab." 


Kurt Cobain's death was ruled as suicide by a shotgun on April 5, 1994. 

Jimi Hendrix's autopsy showed he asphyxiated on vomit after combining sleeping pills with wine. He died on Sept. 18, 1970.

Janis Joplin is thought to have died on Oct. 4, 1970 of a heroine overdose. 

The Doors front man Jim Morrison's cause of death was deemed to be from heart trouble, though no autopsy was done. He passed on July 3, 1971. 

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  • courtneybaaaby

    saturday for me.

  • Marcellus

    She died on saturday... I live in the Netherlands, i heard it saturday evening. Or London must han a very stange unique time zone, since there is only one hour diff.

  • Whatajoke

    But, to compare Winehouse to any other musician in this "club" is a joke. She's not even in the same dimension as them.

  • Nick

    this is a good article on the 27 club...

  • Denise Hou
    Denise Hou

    you forgot River Phoenix

  • dtowndave

    Why is it called "Forever 27"? None of them are 27. They're all DEAD.

  • ladyjane

    what about brian jones? he was apart of one of the biggest bands in music, he was the first person in the 27 club and he isn't even mentioned here.. its isnt suprising that she passed away, but it is still tragic. she was so talented and beautiful, its extremely unfortunate the number of lives ruined by drugs. my thoughts go out to her family and friends RIP Amy xo

  • Ahmed Sawad
    Ahmed Sawad

    They tried to make her go to rehab but she said no no no now shes going 2 the sky

  • um

    while it is possibile, a drug overdose is not confirmed yet, no autopsy has been made...this site sucks get your facts straight before posting things.

  • Michelle Langeveldt
    Michelle Langeveldt

    Its sad when young people die, its sad when talented people die, its sad when anyone dies, but its painful to know what caused their death and we should stop and think of how we live, because that could be the cause of your death one day...R.I.P to these most talented musicians, we love your music and that will never die...

  • simplydiffer

    All of these people so talented. Such a shame.

  • catherine

    Actually, I live in Europe, and it was Saturday that she died, even in all of the time zones here.

  • lalunadawn

    While I was no fan of Ms. Winehouse, I can certainly feel sorry and sympathy for her family, friends and fans. R.I.P.

  • D

    It’s Sunday in London, where she died RETARD. Hate to burst your bubble Stephanie, but the world has these things called time zones…google it. RIP Amy…

  • D

    It's Sunday in London, where she died RETARD. Hate to burst your bubble Stephanie, but the world has these things called time it. RIP Amy...

  • katie

    In fact, like many of the others, she didn't lose it, she took it, whether on purpose or not.

  • katie

    sorry, kaitlyn, I hate to add to your irritation, but the woman you spoke of just lost her life, not their life.

  • Korleonis

    Each one of these people caused their own death.

  • You're Idiots with the Club Garbage
    You're Idiots with the Club Garbage

    Bitch is not "Forever Anything." She is dead for no reason. Nothing to celebrate here you clowns. Does your own Celebrity Rehab teach you nothing? You're causing this excess by acting as if it gives immortality. A lifetime of great music would have given her true enduring immortality and a chance at happiness. This is senseless, stupid, purposeless death. Period.

  • kaitlyn

    I just can't believe the only thing ya'll care about is if something's spelled right, NOT the fact that a talented woman just lost their life.

  • Crankie

    "The Doors front man Jim Morrison cause of death was deemed to be from heart trouble" Should this not be 'Morrison's'? Celebuzz - your writer's professionalism here isn't here and this article is 'screaming' for mercy! At least get a proofreader! I'll do it! I can even spell, I know correct grammer, AND I know what day it is!

  • Quit Glamorizing Drugs
    Quit Glamorizing Drugs

    You guys are so sick. How dare you glamorize the drug and alcohol recklessness you caused by celebrating it in the first place? It's math -- a bunch of 60's nuts started doing heavy drugs in their teens and wore their bodies out by their mid twenties. Some were famous. Many have copied said route. Look it up and you'll find Elvis dead in his 40's, Michael Jackson in his late 40's, Princess Di and Marilyn Monroe at 36. There's no damn club, just excess and fast lives equal early deaths for many. Glamorizing the age of death is just another way you sickos will make damn sure another generation of druggies will think excess is the only way to enduring infamy. This girl was just copying the famous blues heroine users, and that's when you started paying attention to her. It's your fault -- media like you and Rolling Stone-- for glamorizing sickness to our kids. Nobody thinks they've had a youth if they haven't done drugs the way you glamorize it. Quit now or you'll have more deaths on your hands. People's sickness may be big business to you -- but what about the copycat kids you keep killing? Don't you have a conscience? Well?

  • Crankie

    errr y.. these people are supposed to be "professional" writers. Knowing how to spell, knowing correct grammer, and even knowing what day it is should really be required. It's not a matter of "making a mistake' when you are writing for the public and cannot even at least turn on spell check!

  • Withheld47

    What does the excuse of "struggling with an addiction" have to do with it? We all have addictions. For some it's booze. For some, shopping. For some, a glass temper is a source of power and they like that power over others. It's a matter of letting one's addiction, one's lusts, rule in one's life. I've seen it often and it was a heck of an object lesson to not let it happen to me and I had as bad a start in many ways as anyone could imagine. Winehouse is like so many I went to school with, went to college with, grew up with. Nothing is "their fault" and because "it's an addiction", they can just keep on "the bad path" because it's "not their fault." Until... until the path stops. There are no more excuses at that point. The sad fact is that everyone knew this would happen. Same with others on the same path we know or actresses that are always "making" the news.

  • Rick Pugh
    Rick Pugh

    we can proselytize if we're sober and once had issues, we had say a myriad of unknowing things if we've never struggled with addiction. In the final analysis it's all the ebb and flow of life and death. May her soul be at peace. Joining the 27 club. well troops we all have work to do and holes of golf to play. nothing to see or learn here if you haven't already. Another goodbye and many more to come.

  • y

    guess you never make a mistake..good for you

  • sydsouth

    * Had J.J. (Janis Joplin) on tape when I was 10, got her on my Mp3 now at 19! Don't matter the age, ethnicity, and whatever, good music is good music, Mercedes Benz is my jammmm. Woman spoke the truth!* hihi xD

  • sydsouth

    * This is EXACTLY why I do not take it too far when “bashing” celebs I don’t like very much. You NEVER know when they’ll be gone! Every hater of hers has to be crawling in their own skin by now. Don't ever turn your back on people like her because a lot of times they are screaming for help but nobody wants to listen. When you give up on that person is when you have stopped listening. I was listening the whole time, but obviously couldn't do anything about it. Will miss her, she was so misunderstood…* <3 <3 ; -}

  • G

    Please, for the love of God, learn how to spell HEROIN. It's a different word than HEROINE.

  • Stephanie Gosse
    Stephanie Gosse

    uhh.. it's Saturday, not Sunday.. someone needs to learn the days of the week.

  • Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel
    Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel

    I agree with what most people are saying. It is VERY sad, but not surprising.