Battle of the Hot Emmas! (PHOTOS)

Battle of the Hot Johns!
Check out some of the hottest Johns around.
It seems these days that if you are an adorable ‘It girl’ actress rising up the ranks of Young Hollywood, then there is a more than likely chance your name is Emma. For the latest addition of our ‘Battle of The Sexiest…’, Celebuzz rounded up the hottest Emmas for a little good, clean competitive fun!

First up is Emma Watson, who cast a spell on Potter fans around the world as Harry’s know-it-all best friend Hermoine Granger. With her adorable pixie hair and stunning fashion taste, Watson has what it takes to come out on top. Next is Emma Roberts, niece of America’s Sweetheart Julia Roberts and a budding actress in her own right. Good looks certainly run in the family.

Not to be outdone, Emma Stone stands out among the bunch thanks to her luxurious auburn hair and piercing blue eyes. The 22-year-old actress has fans thinking she is a stone cold fox thanks to her roles in Superbad and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Last in line is Emmy Rossum, a classic beauty with some serious talent! On top of starring on the TV show Shameless, the doe-eyed actress also released an album in 2007 and attended Columbia University.

So who do YOU think is the hottest? Check out the gallery and vote in the poll to determine which Emma will reign supreme!